/ How to give volume to hair

How to give volume to hair

Well-groomed hair Is an ornament of any woman. So that they look good, you need not only to wash them in time and make special masks, but also to choose a suitable hairstyle. Now in fashion volume. But give it to his hair in a windy autumn and winter is not at all easy.

So the editors "so simple!" Prepared for you 5 stunning tricks that will help solve this eternal problem. Now you can safely put on a hat and not be afraid that the volume will be quickly smoothed out.

How to just make your hair volume

  1. optical illusion
    If you want a hairstyle visuallyLooked more voluminous, make coloring. That is, paint the hair in a few different tones. The minimal gradation of color will create the illusion of volumetric stacking. Also, hairdressers are advised to make the roots slightly darker than the ends.
  2. Choose the right hair products
    Not all hair products on store shelvesSuitable for those who want to create volume. Hair foam, for example, often only increases the volume problem. To create a hairstyle is best to use a spray. And do not forget about mousse - a light foam that keeps the shape and gives the hair splendor. Use shampoos labeled volume.
    Voluminous hair
  3. Apply the hair dryer correctly
    That hair were volumetric, it is necessary to useHair dryer correctly. Direct the airflow in the direction opposite to the growth of the hair. The mode should be gentle. Sushi hair cold air. At the end of the drying, fix the root volume with the help of a varnish of super-strong fixation.

    So that the hair is not electrified, choose a dryer that has the function of ionizing the air.

  4. a haircut
    When choosing a haircut, pay attention to the fact thatIt created the right volume. Hairstyles for long and medium thin hair: ladder, cascade and quads. Haircuts for short hair: a massive bangs and a "torn" haircut.

    The best Stacking to create volume: Curl curls ironing, and then carefully comb them.

  5. Mask for the volume of hair
    Mix 2 tbsp. L. Burdock oil, 2 yolks, 1 tsp. Ground coffee. Preheating in a water bath. Put a warm mixture on the roots. Then distribute it along the entire length. Leave for half an hour. After the time has passed, wash the head with shampoo.
    This mask will improve the condition of the curls and give them incredible volume and brilliance.

If you follow these tricks, then you can Inject hair.

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