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10 tricks for manicure

Most women can not submit theirLife without manicure, and this is right, because well-groomed nails will always be in vogue. But after 2-3 days the manicure begins to deteriorate: the nails exfoliate, break, and the lacquer cleaves. These troubles can happen to every member of the fair sex, but there are little tricks, Which will help prolong the life of your manicure.

10 tricks for perfect manicure

  1. Wipe your nails with vinegar
    Before applying the base, rub your nails with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar. This will help to degrease them and the varnish will last much longer.
    Vinegar and nails
  2. Apply 2 base layers
    Most likely, your nails become brittle due to daily housework, so the second layer will be an additional protection against damage.
    Base for nails
  3. Do not let the varnish get on the cuticle
    During the staining of nails, the lacquer can easily get on the cuticle, but if this happens and it dries up this way, the manicure will last very briefly.
  4. Do not forget about the free edge
    It must necessarily be varnished, so that the manicure was more resistant.
    nail polish
  5. Use a cotton swab
    If you suddenly smeared a fingernail, there is no sense completely to wash off it or him, to clean a site with a cotton wand.
    Cotton swab
  6. Use nail oil
    Apply the oil to the nails every day to make them stronger, no longer flaking and breaking.
    Oil for nails
  7. Apply the top layer
    Put on your fingernails the top layer of varnish every few days, so that the varnish does not break, and the nails do not break.
    Top layer for nails
  8. Cut down chips
    If the tips of your nails began to peel or flake, a little bit them and seal the loose end with varnish or top layer.
    nail polish
  9. Hide the grown manicure
    If the nails are grown, and there is no time to correct it, cut off the part of the nail with glitter.
    Tinsel for nails
  10. If the varnish has broken, make a jacket
    If the nail polish began to peel off at the tips of your nails, you can easily hide the chips by making a jacket.
    French manicure

Be sure to use these tricks and make sure that the nail polish can last for weeks. If you liked these advice, Tell them about your friends!