/ How to remove unpleasant odor from shoes

How to remove unpleasant odor from shoes

Shoes - an important detail, which can be used to judge the accuracy of a person. Unpleasant odor from shoes Appears quite often for various reasons. Not only sweaty feet and not completely dried shoes can be its source. Even brand-new footwear sometimes smells awful!

Using these tricks, you will overcome the problem Odor of shoes Joking. Simple home remedies help not only to bring out a hideous smell, but also to prevent its reappearance! Works even in the case of training sneakers ...

How to remove unpleasant odor from shoes

  1. soda
    Soda not only absorbs excess moisture,Present on the insole and the inner surface of the shoe, but also neutralizes any bad smell. Put soda on the insole and leave it in your shoes for the night. Next morning, clean the shoes with a napkin. The smell is defeated!
    Insole in shoes
  2. Talcum powder, baby powder
    You can use talc just like soda -Leave in the shoes at night. Another option, especially well working with high heel shoes, is to apply the powder on the foot before putting on the shoes. This is a wonderful Antiperspirant.
    Talcum and sneakers
  3. Citrus peel
    Fresh peel of lemon, lime, orange orGrapefruit - a natural deodorant, which will permanently remove the smell from the shoes. Put pieces of rind inside, wait just a couple of hours. Smell as if there was never!
    Newspaper in sneakers
  4. Dried lavender, sage
    These herbs cope withAn unpleasant smell at times! They kill the bacteria that cause it to appear. To spend a mini-disinfection, put a couple of dry branches of these plants inside the shoes for the night.
    A pot in a shoe
  5. Tea tree essential oil
    Drip a few drops of oil on the walls of shoes. It will be absorbed and will act as an antibacterial agent for a whole week! Bacteria in shock, the smell is dissolved.
    Essential oil and footwear
  6. Activated carbon
    Several tablets of coal in shoes - murderous Antiperspirant And excess moisture inside. It is also useful to wipe the shoes with cotton wool soaked in vinegar: the result will be felt immediately.
    Kitten in a shoe

Do not forget that the insoles in shoes need to be changed regularly, shoes - wash and dry, and keep your feet dry! This is not only an aesthetic issue: Smell in shoes Often a companion of a nasty disease -Fungus on legs. To avoid it, stick to the simple rules of hygiene and forget that shoes can smell something other than orange peel.

These funds will help your friends! Share with them the most useful tips for removing unpleasant odors from shoes.