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Unusual use of cosmetics

Lipstick is used for the lips, shadows for the eyes, mascara for the eyelashes ... and if the hand cream, then it is for the hands only, and you can not apply lip balm to the lips. but it was not there! Existing cosmetical tools Can be used not only by all known methods.

"so simple!" Will tell you the original ways how to apply regular cosmetics. You still do not believe that a simple deodorant is good for matting the skin of the face?

Ordinary cosmetics for unusual purposes

  1. Staining hair with shadows
    If the roots of the hair have grown, and the opportunity to go toHairdresser yet, take a shadow. Correctly selecting the right shade, you can put shadows on your hair, thereby hiding small flaws. However, the growing roots should be lighter than the colored part. So that blondes will not work.
  2. Shadows for the hair

  3. Lip balm in the fight with split ends
    Apply a little lip balm to the damaged ends of the hair. You immediately notice the live shine appeared.
  4. The girl in the mirror

  5. Face cream for the tips of the hair
    If the face cream did not suit you, becauseWas too fat, then you can use it as a means of caring for the tips of your hair. From it you can also make a mask: apply for 20 minutes before washing your hair. This cosmetic product will prevent overdrying of hair.
  6. Girl with beautiful hair

  7. Shaving gel from balm for hair
    Conditioner or balm is suitable not only for hair softening, but also for the skin in the process of shaving.
  8. The girl in the bath

  9. Lipstick or lip gloss instead of shadows
    And it has long been verified by professionalMake-up artists way! Only there is a small trick: first, apply a thick layer of the chosen shade on your hand and add a drop of low-fat cream on top. The resulting mass shades the eyelids and moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes.
  10. Girl at the mirror

  11. Lipstick helps to hide the bruises under the eyes
    Yes, it sounds strange, but it's true! You'll need a coral or bright red lipstick and a conventional concealer. Now the girl will show how to do a little trick.
  12. The girl paints her eyes

  13. Solid deodorant instead of matting wipes
    Matting for the whole day can be provided withUsing a solid deodorant. Hold your fingers on the applicator, and then on the t-zone, or immediately - the applicator. Take into account that the remedy should not come into contact with clean skin, so put it on top of the makeup. Forget about the fat face shine for the whole day!
  14. Girl with deodorant

Lipstick impressed most! Such little tricks will help you keep those cosmetics that, for some reason, are not suitable for a standard purpose.

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