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Winter Lifestyles

Winter for many is the most fabulous time of the year. The first snow every time evokes joy and pleasant memories. Children are waiting for New Year's gifts, and parents create a home cosiness.

But winter is not just holidays ... strong frost, sticking of wet snow and dank wind can spoil good New Year spirit And deliver a lot of inconvenience. It's easier to survive the cold season if you know these useful tips. Take them into service, and you will be able to cope with any unpleasant situation!

Winter lifhaki

  1. if to park a car The hood to the east, then in the morning you will not have to fuss with the frozen windshield.
  2. Car in the snow

  3. So that it was easier for the car to drive out on loose snow, scattering a filler around the tires for a cat's toilet.
  4. Cat litter

  5. If a layer of ice has formed on the windshield, use the old cd to scrape off the ice.
  6. Ice on the glass machine

  7. bubble wrap On the window will protect you from the cold and drafts.
  8. Insulation of windows

  9. An old sweater is great for making mittens.
  10. Mittens from sweater

  11. In order to carefully remove the spools from warm knitwear, use a conventional razor.
  12. razor

  13. Attaching Cable ties To the bicycle tires, you can easily ride through the snow.
  14. Winter tires

  15. If it is not possible to open a frozen lock, heat the key with a lighter.
  16. Frozen lock

  17. Tired of a puddle of melted snow at the front door? Take the old tray and fill it with pebbles. Shoes on such a stand will dry faster.
  18. Wet shoes

  19. From woolen cloth you can make excellent insoles for shoes that will warm you in any weather!
  20. Insoles

Hope this article will help make your life easier. Do not concentrate on problems. Enjoy the winter fairy tale and take care of your health!

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