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9 great life sausages

Now the progress has reached such a level when it is difficult to come up with something new, because practically everything has already been invented. But there are clever people who think up such Ingenious things, Which a simple man would never have imagined.

Today "so simple!" Collected 9 unique in its kind Lifhak, Which will help you save time, money and even nerves. Look and mash at us!

9 great life sausages

  1. Lighter for first aid
    The gas from the lighter becomes very cold during evaporation, so, having sprinkled the place of the bruise or burn, you can cool it and remove the swelling.
    Lighter for first aid
  2. Why shave socks
    The usual razor will help you get rid of the spools on your favorite sweater, socks or even cashmere coats.
    Shave socks
  3. How to make shoes waterproof
    Sodium your favorite shoes with a paraffin candle and after that, heat them with a hair dryer, so that the paraffin is absorbed. Shoes will repel water.
    Candle and boot
  4. How to split an apple without a knife
    Take the fruit in both hands and break it along. The weakest point is at the base of the apple, so you will succeed.
    Apple in hands
  5. Tires for wet weather
    Wind the wheel of the bicycle with clamps so that the locks are located at the edges of the tires. This will ensure a good grip of tires to the ground.
    Tires with clamps
  6. Idea for economy
    To substantially save the family budget, fill a half-liter plastic bottle with water and throw it into the toilet bowl. There will be recruited for half a liter of water less.
    Bottle in a can
  7. To scare away dogs
    If you like to ride a bike, butYou start to panic when dogs chase you, fix a flashlight with an electric shock on the steering wheel and when the dogs start barking, turn it on. The animals frighten off this sound, and they immediately stop to run after you.
    Flashlight on the handlebars
  8. Quick egg cleaning
    If you need to clean a large number of eggs from the shell, place them in a container and fill with cold water. Then cover and shake for 10 seconds. The shell itself will fall behind.
    Quick egg cleaning
  9. Tie up the offender
    If you are in a situation where you need someone, for example an intruder, to tie your hands, take off your belt. Then make the second loop inside the main loop and put the intruder's hands in them. Tighten the belt.
    Double loop from belt

In this video everything is shown clearly.

Most of these lifhaks are useful to everyone in the Everyday life, So do not be stingy and tell your friends about this unusual use of the most common things.