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How to soften the oil

If you are faced with how long the solid butter is warmed from the refrigerator, you will appreciate this Lifhak deservedly. You do not need to wait until butter Heats up to the softened state: replace the quiet expectation with an active action!

Butter can quickly be made soft and warmer - this is important for preparing many dishes, including for ordinary sandwiches. You need only a tight plastic bag and a rolling pin.

How to soften butter

  1. You do not need to melt the oil in a water bath orMicrowave: first, it is very difficult to catch the moment when the oil is already warm, but does not start to melt. Secondly, it takes extra time. Just put a piece of cold solid oil in the bag.
  2. butter

  3. Now you just need to properly remove the oil in the bag with a rolling pin! It will immediately become soft, easily spread on bread and turn into a full ingredient of any dish.
  4. Butter in the package

Look at the video is a useful technique that will help you not to spend minutes waiting until the butter becomes soft.

There is another great way Make butter soft And warm. Pour boiling water into a glass, pour it out and cover a piece of butter with a hot glass. It will quickly change the temperature and consistency!

If you appreciate the whole benefit of this simple trick, give it to your friends!