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Useful pharmacies

Many people used to think that only those who have not saved their precious food go to the pharmacy health, Or those who carefully deal withPrevention of diseases. Still it is a mistake to believe that a pharmacy is a place for the sick. In fact, there you can buy the means necessary for a healthy person.

so "so simple!" Will acquaint you with things that you can safely buy, even if you do not suffer from ailments in particular.

Pharmacy for a healthy person

  1. clay
    The best masks for the face, than from clay, just do not find it! There are different types, so choose clay in accordance with the type of skin and the desired result (toning, moisturizing, cleansing).
  2. Clay on the face

  3. essential oils
    Aromatherapy, inhalations, massage, compresses - the list of ways of using oils can be continued. Take note that among all especially in demand are tea tree oil and almond oil.
  4. essential oils

  5. "Regexin"
    Anti-acne gel is also used as a make-up base.
  6. Girl smears face

  7. Tar soap
    A natural antiseptic, which is used as a remedy for acne. In addition, it is a wonderful remedy for dandruff, which also strengthens the hair.
  8. Tar soap

  9. Mummy
    Can be added to shampoo with hair loss. Also suitable for combating stretch marks.
  10. Mummy

  11. a nicotinic acid
    It is sold in ampoules and used to strengthen hair. It is necessary to lubricate the hair roots and do not rinse.
  12. a nicotinic acid

  13. Burr oil
    Another savior of head of hear! Good hair masks from it.
  14. Burr oil

  15. Herbal preparations
    Everyone has known for a long time that tea can not be called natural. So why are you still buying them? Run to the pharmacy for herbal remedies. The benefits from them are much greater!
  16. Herbal preparations

  17. Emla
    An anesthetic cream, which lubricates the skin before plucking the eyebrows or by epilation.
  18. Emla

  19. Cheap drops in the nose with xylometazoline ("galazolin", "xylenes")
    They can be smeared unexpectedly appeared pimples before important events.
  20. girl

  21. Spirulina
    Just a miracle cure, 1 gram of which, by nutritional value, is equivalent to almost 1 kg of vegetables. It is not only a powerful remedy for the prevention of many diseases, but also a delicious seasoning for your favorite dishes.
  22. Spirulina

  23. Pipettes and syringes
    In addition to the standard use of pipettes, it is possible to apply oils under the eyes or on the nails. But in syringes without a needle it is convenient to mix different oils, which are then easily applied.
  24. pipette

  25. Disposable examination gloves
    Suitable for those who are uncomfortable to wash dishes in ordinary gloves.
  26. Disposable examination gloves

These are the small secrets that conceal these inconspicuous chemist's things, which even healthy people will need. The above funds are no worse than expensive medical drugs and Cosmetics. But, of course, do not forget to reread the instructions for their use.

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