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Ideas for baking

Do you like to bake, but the fantasy is over? You did not lose this page. It's time To cook ordinary pastries In several other ways. If you have the necessary skills, then you can easily cope with the culinary task!

Most importantly - choose the one Idea for baking, Which you like, and take on a delicious business. Eyes run, do not they?

Interesting pastries

  1. Openwork cookies with apples
    Roll out the dough and cut it as shown below. Add grated apples and wrap.
  2. Openwork baking with apples

  3. Cookies in the form of buttons
    A usual lid from a plastic bottle and a tube creates crispy buttons.
  4. Cookies-buttons

  5. Cookies in the form of bunnies
    With scissors, cut the balls from the dough, as shown in the picture. The ears are ready! And then with a match make a bunny eyes.
    Unusual pastry buns from dough

  6. Flowers from puff pastry with jam
    In cut from puff pastry dough, put prunes, protect and dilute as indicated. Fry in the boiling oil. Decorate with jam.
  7. Interesting baked pastry dough

  8. Pie from roses
    Do you still think that the picture of yummy is difficult to prepare? Just cut the dough into 8 pieces, roll it out, oil it with jam or honey, roll the rolls and follow the instructions on the picture.
    Pastry in the form of roses

  9. Apple Rosettes
    Beautiful roses can be made not only from the dough, but also from apples. A special knife for vegetables cut the ribbon together with the skin and put them in the form of flowers. Cut the roses with your favorite glaze.
  10. Rosettes with apples for baking

  11. All the familiar zebra cake
    Who still does not know about this cake, catch the idea! It is necessary to divide the dough into 2 kinds: usual and with cocoa. Pour the dough one by one.
    Then gently put it in the oven.
  12. Zebra" cake

  13. Cupcake-stand for ice-cream
    Pour the dough into the cake mold. Only not to the end, but half! From above it is necessary to put the same form. Do you see what comes out of this?
  14. Ice-cream cake

  15. Black and white croissants
    Roll out the usual dough and chocolate (with cocoa). Put one layer on the other, cut and fold.
  16. Colorful croissants

  17. Chamomile with jam
    Mold the chamomile out of the dough, put them in the cake molds. After baking, add your favorite jam, and decorate the edges with powdered sugar.
  18. Baking in the form of chamomile

  19. "Star" chocolate cake
    You need 2 rounds of dough: one missed with chocolate paste, and the second one is put on top. Cut and wrap the edges as indicated below.
    Chocolate cake in the form of a star

  20. Rosettes of dough
    Let's return again to the beautiful - to the roses. Thinly roll out the dough and cut it into strips. Add any stuffing and curl up in the form of flowers. And the filling, by the way, will suit either vegetable, or meat, or even sweet.
  21. Rosettes of dough

  22. Sausage in dough
    More original way to cook a sausage in the dough.
  23. Sausage in dough

  24. Miniature pizza
    Miss the dough with ketchup, add cheese and sausages and roll into a roll. Cut them and put them in the oven.
  25. Mini pizza

  26. Bake with love ...
  27. Heart-shaped baking

  28. Big-great love!
  29. Unusual baked goods from hearts

Now you have something to do! Realizing the ideas presented above, you will raise your Culinary skills To the highest level.

Sharing tips with friends, show them, How to make a masterpiece from simple baking.