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Whitening teeth at home

«Share her smile, and she will often return to you ..."But what if, due to Yellowness of teeth Feel free to give your smile to others? They are worth a little whitening, and this will help you "so simple!".

Do not rush to run for an expensive procedure to yourTo the stomatologist - to make zubki snow-white it is possible and in house conditions. However, here there are a couple of nuances that we will explain in detail. You still do not shine a smile? Then quickly get to know the tips!

First you need to get the good from your dentist. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this procedure. If you Sensitive teeth Or on the front teeth are crowns or seals, we do not recommend taking a great interest in self-bleaching enamel.

If the dentist still approved, then proceed to the basics. But do you properly brush your teeth? Maybe the whole problem lies in the wrong care ... Look, How to brush your teeth properly.

How to brush your teeth properly

And now the time to proceed Home teeth whitening. Take into account, the effect will not be as stunning as after a professional service, but it will cost you many times cheaper, and harm will be at the minimum.

Methods of teeth whitening

  1. Strawberry
    Strawberry contains an enzyme of malic acid,Which magically promotes tooth whitening. As an option: you can mix strawberries with ordinary flour and apply the mixture on the teeth. However, the method is good only in the summer.
  2. Strawberry for teeth

  3. Apple vinegar
    Effective tool for teeth whitening. But rinse their teeth is once a week.
  4. Apple vinegar

  5. salt
    To achieve a whitening effect, wipe the enamel with fine table salt.
  6. salt

  7. Bay leaf
    Chop the leaves together with lemon or orange peel. The resulting mixture can brush your teeth.
  8. Bay leaf

  9. Coconut oil
    Very ancient way of teeth whitening. The oil contains lauric acid, it destroys bacteria, because of which teeth turn yellow. Apply a little coconut oil directly on the teeth and rub for 15 minutes into the gums. Then just spit the butter and brush your teeth with the usual toothpaste.
  10. Bay leaf

  11. hydrogen peroxide
    Pour peroxide into your mouth and rinse your teeth for about 10 minutes until foam forms.
  12. Bay leaf

  13. banana
    More precisely, it is useful to wipe your teeth with the inside of the banana peel for 15 minutes. When the teeth are covered with banana paste, wait 10 minutes, and then brush your teeth with usual toothpaste.
  14. Teeth whitening banana skin

  15. basil
    Basil leaves are a natural tool for teeth whitening. If you add mustard oil to the dried leaves of the basil, and then rub the mixture with teeth, it will strengthen them and add shine.
  16. basil

  17. soda
    Perhaps, the most well-known method of teeth whitening. Apply a usual toothbrush on the toothbrush and lightly sprinkle soda on top. You can add a few drops of lemon juice. Brush your teeth a couple of minutes with this mixture, and then rinse your mouth with cold water. This procedure causes unpleasant taste sensations, but it is extremely effective for teeth whitening.

Do not forget also about Proper nutrition: Less soda, caffeine and sweet - andThen the effect of teeth whitening will be much more noticeable. Also remember that the best way to keep your teeth healthy is by regularly brushing your teeth, as well as using a thread. This prevents the appearance of spots on the enamel, and also quickly Removes plaque.

Give Snow-white smile To your friends every day! And now just share with them these tips.