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Exercises for the lazy

If the summer is over, it does not mean that at its Figure You need to put a cross. Let you now have less time for physical exercise, But still not completely lazy. Good news for non-fans sweating: "so simple!" Found a simple training, during which you do not need to move ...

The following Static exercises By right can be called ultralight, but quite effective. Perform each 10 times in 3 approaches and with minimal pauses. Very soon you will notice the first comforting results!

Light exercises for the lazy

  1. Spread out the rug near the wall, lay down on it, put your hands on the floor, with your fingertips reach out to the wall. Stand with your feet in the wall. Stretch your hips and lift your lower back. It is necessary to make a little more of it.
    Exercises for the lazy

  2. Put your hands on your stomach, but your buttocks rest against the wall. Now take the right leg to the right, maximally down. Repeat the same with the left foot.
  3. Exercises for the lazy

  4. Keep your feet straight, leaning against the wall. Stretch your right hand to your toes, and put your left hand on your stomach. Repeat the same with the left hand. It is desirable to tear off the scapula from the floor.
  5. Exercises for the lazy

  6. One foot in the wall, and, holding the torso, remove the right leg behind the head. For maximum effect, try to reach the floor. Legs in the knees do not bend! Repeat the exercise with the left foot.
  7. Exercises for the lazy

  8. Not tired yet? Then continue on ... bend the right leg and bend into the wall at an angle of 45 degrees, put it on your left foot. Raise your lower back and put your hands on your stomach. In this position, you need to stay about a minute. Change your legs and repeat the exercise.
  9. Exercises for the lazy

Do these Simple exercises Every day, and in 2 weeks you will notice how your tummy is slightly tightened. Do not freeze and do not lean on harmful food - then the results will be more noticeable.

Practice at home in your own fun and inspire your friends Lazy, but effective training, Just sharing the material!