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It's normal - not to have time on time with work onHome. Any mistress at least once, but left a mountain of unwashed dishes, going to sleep ... the modern rhythm of life requires a new approach to the usual household affairs!

"so simple!" Gives you a new portion of valuable Lifhak on every day. Thanks to these tips, you can easily create an ideal atmosphere of order in the house, while not exerting extra effort. Now home worries will not cause you grief!

19 useful tricks for mistresses

  1. Put fragrant soap In the closet with clothes. Opening it, you will enjoy your favorite smell, which is hovering among things. Cheap perfume for clothes, which is always at hand!
  2. soap

  3. When you need it Quickly pat the shirt, All means are good. Just throw a couple of ice cubes in the dryer, turn it on and hold the thing there for a couple of minutes. No wrinkles!
  4. Washer

  5. We are used to removing foil wrapped Wine corks. Do not waste time tearing off the tightly adhered foil: pierce it with a corkscrew and easily remove the cork.
  6. wine

  7. Hammering a nail, use a clothespin for fixing. I always do this, and not one stroke on my fingers!
  8. pin

  9. A trick for those who often move. Glasses and glasses can be placed inside socks, this will increase the chances of bringing them to the new house intact.
  10. socks

  11. Put the straw in the bottle with ketchup, get it. After that it will be poured easily! Without splashes and additional shakes.
  12. ketchup

  13. Apply a little hairspray on the tip of the thread. To thread the needle will be much easier!
  14. Thread

  15. Smear a spoon or a measuring glass with vegetable oil, if you are going to add a certain amount of honey in a dish. Honey will not stick to the dishes!
  16. honey

  17. Wipe the mirror with shaving cream, then with a soft cloth. Finally it will cease to fog ...
  18. bathroom

  19. Remove stickers from dishes and furniture can be very easy if you first warm them with a jet of hot air from the dryer.
  20. Hairdryer and stickers

  21. Here's how you can use old plastic Disc boxes!! Looks strange, but such a sandwich is sure to be appreciated by all employees in the office.
  22. Disc box

  23. If you are afraid to forget about something very important in the morning, send yourself a message the night before. Unread messages Morning reminded of important matters.
  24. Message on your phone

  25. After shaving your coat, you will save him from the spools. With a sweater this trick also works!
  26. Razor and coat

  27. With the help of pumice stone it is also possible to return things to the old novelty.
  28. Pumice and coats

  29. Idea for a large family: accurate storage of toothbrushes in a cutlery container.
  30. Cutlery container

  31. I will certainly post my own sunglasses...
  32. Hanger and glasses

  33. Discs can be used as a separator of hangers in the cabinet. If you paste on them stickers with signatures, it will become even easier!
  34. Disks and hangers

  35. Sticky roller will perfectly clean the inside of the female handbag.
  36. Cushion for clothes

  37. Idea for storing ornaments. Fabulously!
  38. Mirror and decorations

To feel great, you need to be sure of the little things that are around you from all sides. Working on small domestic nuances, you can improve the quality of life in general! little tricks Lead to happiness ...

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