/ / The animal rests its head against the wall

Animal rests his head against the wall

For sure, every one of us saw photos walking in the network, on which pets - Dogs and cats - lie or sit, rested head on the wall.

Some people have this Causes laughter. But if they only knew what this symptom may indicate, they certainly would not have laughed.

Why do animals lean their heads against the wall

At first glance it may seem like another trick of your pet, but in fact this is not a funny signal can talk about Threat to life Your pet.

Leaning his head against the wall, he just tries to show you that everything is not right with him.

It can be A symptom Head trauma, nervous system damage, toxic poisoning, infection or tumor.

Also your four-witted friend can suffer From liver failure.

Or it can be Consequence Metabolic disorders, inflammation or damage to the brain and / or spinal cord.

in no case do not ignore This is the most terrible symptom, and immediately take your cat or dog to the vet.

And it does not matter at all, the symptom of what is such a strange behavior of your pet. The main thing - you need to be Vigilant And not expose his life to danger. Take care of your friend and look after him so that he can make you happy with his love!

Be sure to tell all your friends about this danger, to inform the maximum number of people!