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How to look perfect in a photo

Everyone wants to show themselves toPhotos from the best side, because the pictures capture moments that will not happen again. Every photo is like a piece of stolen time, which can be appropriated to itself and put in a frame.

But, alas, Successful shots There are not so many, and often have to choose one of a hundred ... how to increase the chances of getting well in the photo? For this there are some tricks and "so simple!" Share them with you.

How to look perfect on a photo

  1. Take a relaxed pose
    The s-shaped position of the body seems more laid-back and looks more natural. It will be even more beautiful if you place your thumbs in the pockets of your jeans.
  2. The secret of an ideal photo

  3. Unfold the body
    If you turn to three quarters, then you will look more in the picture Slim. A straight line of shoulders on the photo is best avoided. Palms on the thigh will help create an elegant pose.
  4. The secret of an ideal photo

  5. Pay attention to your hands
    If you want the hand to touch the face, then the palm should emphasize the oval of the head.
  6. The secret of an ideal photo

  7. Lower your shoulder
    The slightly lowered shoulder makes the face open and lengthens the neck. Do not hide your hands in the frame!
  8. The secret of an ideal photo

  9. Bend the knee
    Even if you sit sideways, remember the s-shaped bend of the body. It is only necessary to lower the shoulder and bend the knee - and the silhouette will look more slender.
  10. The secret of an ideal photo

  11. Tilt your head
    Try not to look at the lens at close range, you're not taking photos on your passport. When you tilt your head, it will look as if you are looking at the camera from the bottom up. This will greatly enhance the photo!
  12. The secret of an ideal photo

Get on the pictures as beautiful as in life. And remember that your appearance reflects the state of mind, so always tune into positive!!

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