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Acupressure from stress

How difficult it is sometimes to remain calm when you are constantly surrounded Stressful situations!! Problems at work, ailments of relatives, lack ofTime for the implementation of all their planned affairs ... to take and isolate from everyone and do nothing! Do not hurry to close from others, just take yourself a little time - get yourself a self-massage.

It has long been no secret that, by massaging those or otherPoint, you can get rid of various unpleasant sensations. By pressing some "buttons" on the body, you even overdo your constant anxiety and fatigue. No chemical sedatives will replace proven age Point massage technique!!

Acupressure from stress

Man in stress

  1. If you are very tired and You can not relax, Press your thumbs over the bones of the skull under the eyes. Hold them in this position for 10 seconds.
  2. You're tired of standing Fear of condemnation Surrounding? Sit down, relax and press your index finger under the nose. In 20 seconds you will feel a rush of tranquility.
  3. Massaging the little finger of the left hand with the index finger and the thumb of the right hand, while gradually sinking to its base, you stop strongly worry. Check it out!
  4. Another simple way to overcome the unpleasant stressful sensations is to press the thumb of the right hand into the top of the head.
  5. Place the fingertips under the eyes, on the upper point of the cheekbones. Move along the upper part of the cheekbone to the temples, tapping a little. Do you already feel how easy it is?
  6. When stress is also useful, massage the upper points of the ears.
  7. here she is, Nei-guan - the most famous point, massaging which you can easily get rid of the causeless Internal alarm!!
    A point from stress

Take yourself a couple of minutes to idle time Massaging anti-stress points, If the anxiety does not leave you! Believe-not-believe, but this method contains eastern wisdom, proven by millennia.

Do your friends also burn out of stress? So tell them, How to calm down!!