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Curls with socks

Any representative of the fair sex dreams of beautiful curls. But many women have to give up an effective hairstyle, because curling tongs, Hair dryers and varnishes are bad for the hair.

Redaction "so simple!" Wishes its readers the best, so weWe offer you a wonderful trick that will help to curl gorgeous curls without the use of heat. Now you will be able to please those around you with an amazing hairdo every day!

Harmless hair

A wave of hair

You will need

  • Hair spray
  • 6 socks


  1. Take a lock of hair and curl a lock. The result will be better, if before the procedure, sprinkle the hair with a spray.
  2. A wave of hair

  3. Keeping the lock in this position, tightly wrap it around the toe. Turn the sock so that it approaches the head.
  4. A wave of hair

  5. Tie both ends of the toe and fasten it to the head.
  6. A wave of hair

  7. Repeat this procedure with all strands.
  8. A wave of hair

  9. With a hairdress go to bed. The next morning take off your socks and stripped the strands.
  10. A wave of hair

  11. You will get a three-dimensional hairstyle with exquisite curls. And most importantly - without harm to the hair.
  12. A wave of hair

    A wave of hair

Women for centuries puzzled over how to createBeautiful curls and do not lose part of the hair. There is evidence that people curled hair before our era. For this they used even resin and beeswax.

It is good that today there is such a safe and effective way. Share this beauty secret with everyone!