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Unusual use of hairspray

We have become accustomed to the fact that very often these or other things can be used very unconventionally. Here, for example, take the usual hair spray ... all that is known about it - it is used For fixing hair for a while. But it turns out that we know little about all the possibilities of this tool!

"so simple!" Will put everything on the shelves, revealing the main secrets of the application of the usual Hairspray. You will be surprised by the versatility Sprays To create and save hairstyles!

Unusual use of hairspray

  1. Stains from cosmetics are easier to remove from clothing, if previously sprinkle them with hairspray.
  2. Lipstick spots on the shirt

  3. Oh, those arrows on pantyhose - how often do theyAppear at the most inopportune moment! In such an unpleasant situation, you can spray a little with varnish on a small defect. So little-noticed arrow does not spread further.
  4. Feet in pantyhose

  5. If you want to keep the perfect look of polished shoes longer - hair spray to your aid!
  6. Black shoes

  7. It is inconvenient to insert a thread in a needle? Try to sprinkle the tip of it with varnish.
  8. Thread and spray

  9. If I found a nest of insects at home or in the office, and at hand did not find any special means, then ... correctly - again sprinkle!
  10. Fly in the room

  11. In case someone sloppy left stains from the handle on the upholstery of your couch or on clothes, try splashing the contamination with varnish and gently rubbing. Stains as did not happen!
  12. Stain from the handle

  13. So that the picture of your child always looked like a new one, treat the picture with lacquer.
  14. Children's drawing

  15. The gifted bouquet will last longer, if the flowers sprinkle a little with hairspray.
  16. bouquet of flowers

  17. If you are a happy owner of a fireplace,Then with the help of hairspray you can make a fire. Bite them on a fresh log, add a spark, and it will quickly flare up. Only carefully and carefully, as the varnish is explosive!
  18. Fire in the fireplace

  19. A zipper in jeans or trousers is constantly unbuttoned? So sprinkle it with varnish. Now you just will not find yourself in a confusing situation, when you involuntarily demonstrate your underwear!
  20. Zipper jeans

  21. I do not envy those who dare attack you in a dark alley, if you accidentally happened to have a hair spray!
  22. Man with a bat

Attention: it is often written that hair spray can be used as a Make-up remover. Do not be! So you will only damage the skin of the face. It is enough to know only the presented ways of using the remedy, because they will help you in Everyday life.

And do not forget to tell your friends about the unusual possibilities of the usual means!