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Useful properties of wine

alcohol Is harmful - and it's not disputable, its health effect is not even worth mentioning! In addition, agree that it is not so nice to watch when an intoxicated person becomes like someone incomprehensible ... "so simple!" behind healthy lifestyle, But today we will go a little against the rules. I want to recall one strong drink, known as Drink of the gods.

The wine is constantly being debated: it is useful or not. Of course, if you do not know the measures, it will be bad after the wine. But, it turns out, this Sun drink Has even useful properties. So boldly pour yourself a glass of your favorite dry for dinner and read about the benefits that you get from it.

Take into account, it will go as a whole about all the wines, and what - white or red, dry or fortified - to choose already to you!

Benefit of wine


  1. Wine contains Antioxidants, Which are responsible for the prevention of certain cardiac diseases. But do not go too far with the amount, or vice versa, heart problems.
  2. British scientists have proved that it is useful to drink a glass of wine a day To improve immunity And reduce the risk of viral diseases.
  3. The drink raises the level of estrogen - a hormone that slows the destruction of bone tissue with age. And there are no problems with bones!
  4. Problems with memory? It is proved that Red wine Activates thought processes, since it contains a resveratrol responsible for memory.
  5. Wine, especially dry white, lowers cholesterol, accelerates metabolism, and therefore, partly fights with Overweight.
  6. The divine drink has a tonic, anti-stress, bactericidal and anti-allergic effect on the human body.
  7. It is proved that natural water, which is added up to one third of red natural wine, can be considered disinfected after an hour.
  8. Red table wine is recommended for anemia.
  9. Moreover, it was recently proved that wine, but only red, can protect teeth from tooth decay.

It is worth considering that all of the above Useful but not medicinal properties, Are inherent only in real guilt, and not in the cheap store mumbo. Also add that you need to drink it in moderation - a maximum of a glass, but no more. And not every day! Exorbitant drink Alcohol can lead to violations of the heart, liver, and destabilization of the psyche.

Now you can safely invite your friends to dinner and treat them with exquisite wine. And if it does not, then at least share this article with them!