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First Aid Errors

In this life, none of us are immune from accident, so it is important to know, How to properly provide first aid. Unfortunately, not many people know about it. And those who think they have the correct concept of first aid, most often do not even suspect what harm they can do to the victim.

We have prepared for you the top-9 common mistakes that you need to remember so as not to harm the person.

What can not be done with first aid

  1. Do not treat open wound with iodine or zelenok
    These alcohol-containing substances create a deep chemical burn on the wound. He healed for a long time. In some cases, a scar may remain. Iodine and zelenka are used only for small scratches.

    Do it right
    To disinfect the wound, use hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine. Then apply a gauze bandage.

  2. Do not clap the one who choked on the back!
    You can not clap on the back of someone who choked, otherwise a stuck foreign object can fall deeper into the respiratory tract!

    Do it right
    It's best if you choked, lean forward slightly and make some strong exhalations, then slowly inhale.

    If a person chokes and experiences breathing problems, tilt it forward and make a couple of sharp gliding movements on the back towards the neck, as if you are shaking something.

  3. Do not smear burns with oil!
    Oil envelops the wound with a film, because of it oxygenDoes not have access to a burn. Therefore the wound will not heal, but the pain will only increase. You can use panthenol in the form of a spray. Foam closes the wound, but provides oxygen access to it.

    Do it right
    Cool place of burn. You can just substitute it under a stream of cold water.

    If the burn is not serious you can use the grandmother's recipe: spread the affected area with laundry soap. Pain will decrease and redness will pass.

    A serious burn with damage to the skin should be cooled with water. Then put a clean, sterile bandage on the wound and immediately call for help in the hospital.

  4. Do not rub the place of frostbite!
    After a long stay in the cold canTo freeze some parts of the body, especially the fingers, toes and ears. Most often we quickly rub the frozen place, but this, by the way, is not recommended to do. From supercooling, blood vessels spasmodic, blood circulation slows down, and then stops altogether. The vessels become brittle.

    Do it right
    Gradually warmed up in a warm room. Drink hot tea with sugar. But do not drink alcohol at all.

  5. Do not wear one hundred clothes when you have a fever and you are shivering!
    When the temperature rises, is disturbedheat exchange. The person becomes cold because of the difference in body temperature and temperature in the room. So the body seems to be cold. The patient dresses as warmly as possible.

    If you start to wrap around, the hot body can not cool down and the temperature will not go down.

    Do it right
    Open and apply a slightly cool wet towel to your forehead. On the prescription of a doctor you need to drink medicines that reduce fever.

  6. Do not heat your nose with warmth, if it is laid
    With nasal congestion still our grandmothersHeat was applied to the bridge of the nose. But such heating is dangerous! With a strong runny nose, the vessels expand. In the nose - swelling, and the heat only strengthens it. Heating can worsen the outflow of mucus and develop inflammation.

    Do it right
    The vessels need to be narrowed. For this use special drops from the common cold.

  7. Do not use potassium permanganate!
    Everyone knows that potassium permanganate kills harmfulBacteria. But it contains microcrystals that dissolve not completely, (completely - only after boiling) and are harmful to the body. After dissolution, another filter should be used. It is necessary to do this, as the crystals in case of contact with the gastric mucosa can cause a chemical burn.
    Potassium permanganate

    Do it right
    In our time it is best to use modern medicine for poisoning.

  8. Do not tilt your head back when bleeding from the nose!
    This will not help stop the bleeding, but will only change its direction. Blood can go to the nasopharynx and even into the stomach.
    Bleeding from the nose

    Do it right
    Sit, straighten your back and lean forward. In the nostril insert a tampon or cotton pad, moistened in a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Also advise you to apply something cold to the bridge of the nose.

  9. Do not apply heat to the injured places!
    After various bruises there is swelling. Do not apply heat to the site of injury. This procedure will only increase the swelling and pain.

    Do it right
    Try not to move, put ice on and go as soon as possible to the emergency room.

Remember these common mistakes and do not commit them anymore!

Share this helpful information with your friends. From such life cases, no one is immune!