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Cleaning with food

Cleaning is much more pleasant if there is timeA tasty snack. But it turns out that food can be used not only to replenish energy ... this will sound strange, but food can replace many purchased detergents And other household chemicals!

If you do not have a powder for washing at hand or you just do not want to use chemistry, take these tips into service. They will help make the cleaning process more fun and simplify your life!

Food that helps in cleaning

  1. Does your child constantly leave traces of his creativity on the walls? Try rubbing them with a slice of black bread, it will easily remove traces of colored pencils.
  2. if Seams between tiles With time, darkened, vinegar will come to the rescue. Just pour a little vinegar on the seam, wait, and then brush it with a toothbrush.
  3. So that the kitchen knife again shone like a new one, just cut them a large bulb.
  4. Crush the banana peel in a blender, and then with the resulting gruel clean the silverware.
    Silver cleaning
  5. Beer residues can be used for Cleaning wooden furniture. Wipe the furniture with a rag soaked in beer, then dry it. The furniture will shine like new.
  6. Small dents and scratches on wooden furniture can be removed by wiping it with a walnut.
  7. Crush some rice in a coffee grinder, this will help to clean it. Your coffee will be even tastier!
  8. If cracks appear cracks - put it in warm milk for about an hour. Milk protein expands when heated and fills cracks in the dishes.
  9. A pair of fresh basil leaves in a plate with fruit will prevent the appearance of flying insects.
    A plate of fruit
  10. Peanut butter will soften the dried gum on the carpet and you can easily remove it.
  11. Stains from tomato sauce will help to remove lemon juice.
  12. Rub a sprig of rosemary between your fingers, this will save you from unwanted Smell on the hands.
  13. Cola is best not to drink, but pour into the toilet. But after that he will shine with purity!
  14. When you knead the dough, it is more effective to cover your hands with flour instead of flour, and with vegetable oil.
  15. To return the copper products shine will help a sharp tomato sauce. Just cover the faded surface for 20 minutes with ketchup, and then wash it off with a damp cloth.
    Tomato sauce, copper
  16. To pick up the pieces and not to cut your fingers, do it with a piece of bread pulp.
  17. Leaves of flowerpots will shine with purity, if instead of a rag wipe them with peel from the banana.
    Leaves of flowerpots
  18. To avoid divorce, when you wash the floor, add a spoonful of vinegar to the water.
  19. Yours Colored clothing Quickly dims? Add a few teaspoons of black pepper when you wash.
  20. With peanut oil, it is possible to remove sticky residue on the surface.
    peanut butter
  21. Before you clean your shoes, wipe it with a piece of raw potatoes. It will make the surface smoother.
    How to clean shoes
  22. If you use a thermos or bottle many times for different drinks, over time, a not very pleasant smell appears in the containers. Just pour in there Of tomato juice, Wait a bit, and then wash the bottle. Any smells will disappear!

Hope these simple guidelines will help youTo cope with some difficulties. Cleaning is not an enjoyable activity, but it needs to be done with love. Do not forget to share these tips with your friends!