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How to make a duplicate key

If you ever had to drag yourself to the other end of the city to make a duplicate Key For a mailbox, a locker for storing things or a garage, you probably know what a headache this can be.

So that you do not have to waste your time and money on making duplicates, "so simple!" Has prepared an ingenious lifhak that will help to make a spare key in just seconds.

How to quickly make a duplicate key

You will need

  • Original key
  • Scotch
  • lighter
  • tin
  • scissors


  1. Hold the key over the lighter until black soot appears on it. Then cool down the key.
  2. Stick a small strip of scotch on the key and press it tight.
  3. Take off the scotch tape. On it should be printed the silhouette of the key.
  4. Sticking the adhesive tape on a flat piece of can and gently cutting out a new key.

In this video the whole process is shown clearly.

that's all! The main thing is to be careful when opening the locks Duplicate, Since it is much thinner than the original and can bend. Our editorial board hopes that this lifhak will help you avoid the hassle of making duplicates!