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How to use cucumber brine

The most common way of usingCucumber brine is the "correction" of health after a spiritual feast. Also, it cleanses the body with various infectious diseases and restores the water-salt balance. This liquid is the basis of pickle, salt and kalja.

But few people know that cucumber pickle has other uses. "so simple!" Prepared for you interesting information, which is definitely worth taking to service!

How to apply cucumber brine

  1. Use brine as a marinade. He will do Pork chops Or steaks are simply terrific and very gentle ontaste. Cut the meat in medium pieces. Fill with brine and leave for 4 hours. Take the meat from the marinade, sprinkle with spices and margins with olive oil. Put in a preheated oven to 200 ° c, bake until cooked.
  2. Meat in brine

  3. Give a taste of boiled potatoes, adding a little brine to the water while cooking this garnish. Also, the brine can be added directly to the potato salad, To improve the taste of the dish.
  4. potato salad

  5. Add a little brine to the remaining from yesterday Pasta with cheese, To restore their taste.
  6. Pasta with cheese

  7. Bake a simple and Mouth-watering cookies, Using brine. Kneading dough from 0.5 kg of flour, adding to it 10 tbsp. L. Sugar, vegetable oil and cucumber brine. Roll out the dough. Cut out a glass or shapes of figurines and bake them in a preheated oven at a temperature of 180 ° c to a rosy-golden color.
  8. Biscuit cookies

  9. To make a cocktail "bloody Mary" More interestingly, add a tablespoon of pickle to it.
  10. bloody Mary

  11. Use this liquid to pick up eggs, onions, garlic and much more.
  12. bloody Mary

  13. Improve the taste of ketchup or barbecue sauce by adding brine to taste.
  14. bloody Mary

If you do not plan To use cucumber brine Immediately, it can be frozen in ice molds and applied later.

Share these brilliant ideas with your friends. Let them not pour out the brine, it can come in handy!