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Airport Fraud

In countries where they fly every year Millions of tourists, Full of scammers. Especially for developing countries, where there is a huge number of criminal groups.

Airport fraud

Recently the world again heard about the kind of fraud that was invented even 20 years ago in the manila (the Philippines). Employees of airports in Egypt for some time actively use this method Weaning money from tourists. Other countries are also starting to learn this way of fraud.


This scam is called "tanim-ball" and is that scammers who officially work At airports, Throw a small bullet into the baggage of the tourist. When checking, the luggage is shining and finding it. The passenger starts to panic and prefers to bribe the employee, not to be late for his flight and to avoid trouble.

Airport fraud

Then the operator of the X-ray unit and the security officer simply divide their profits. They earn hundreds of dollars every day!

From this kind of scam Can not protect Neither the police, nor the airport management, as there are big criminal syndicates behind the swindlers. It is unlikely that you will succeed in proving anything if you fall into such a situation.

Airport fraud

To a special group of risk are passengers who Fly with a transfer. They are tired of a long flight, and the airport security service inspects the luggage in the absence of the passengers themselves.

Airport fraud

Thanks to this method of fraud, airport employees, with tiny salaries, live in huge houses, their children attend private schools, and they themselves go on expensive cars.

What to do in order not to become a victim of such scammers?

All you have to do is keep a close eye on your luggage and lock it in all locks and zippers.

Or do like that!

Airport fraud

Take care of Security Their friends and relatives and help them not to fall into such a dangerous situation. About this form of fraud should learn as many people as possible!