/ How to save a drowning man

How to save a drowning man

Yes, not every day you have to save Drowning people, But when you get into a similar situation, it's important to get together and act instantly. After reading this article, you definitely will not lose your head. The former sailor told about a trick that will help save a drowning man.

The secret of this wonderful way is that it acts instantly and all you need is trousers. Unfortunately, not many people know about this stunt ... therefore "so simple!" Decided to share it with everyone.

Saving a drowning man

Course of action

  1. As already mentioned, to perform this trickYou need pants. If you are in the water in your pants, you need to calm down and carefully remove them. It does not matter what kind of trousers you have, the main thing is that they get completely wet.
    Help drowning
  2. Tie the trousers to a regular knot. Repeat this action one more time. As a result, something like a circle. Put it on your neck.
    Help drowning
  3. Now check where you got the fly. It should be turned down to the water. The fly must be fastened!
    Help drowning
  4. All that's left to do is to hit the water with your palm. So the air will get inside the pants and pump them, they will look like a life jacket.
    Help drowning

    Help drowning

Here such surprising adaptation can be made by means of usual trousers! This video clearly demonstrates the whole procedure.

If you practice, then this trick can be done quickly enough. Agree, when it comes to Saving lives, All ways are good. Be sure to take this trick into arming and do not forget to share it with your friends!