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Beauty for beauty

No one is perfect, it is. But female nature is treacherous - we always want everything to be perfect. No little thing should spoil our day ...

If you know this feeling, our Beauty tips Will come in handy. Thanks to these unexpected techniques, you will always be posh, regardless of the circumstances. Well also what if there is no extra hour for a hairdresser in the coming days? There is a simple way to disguise the overgrown hair roots and be brilliant!

24 lifhak for beauty

  1. Impeccable clothes
    If the roller for cleaning clothes is not at hand, you can use a brush for the eyebrows and remove annoying villi.
  2. Eyebrow brush

  3. Shiny nails
    Yellowed after manicure nails polish well with toothpaste. Also, the paste is able to remove lacquer residues and bleach even heavily affected marigolds.
  4. Toothpaste

  5. Moisturizing face
    Honey mask Deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Only 10 minutes will be enough for such a mask to act and make the skin smooth.
  6. honey

  7. Arrows on pantyhose
    Transparent lacquer will instantly stop the arrow on nylon pantyhose.

    also Colorless varnish Will help to cope with stains of rust on the surface of the bathroom. Color them bottoms of bottles with shampoo and other cosmetics - annoying tracks will no longer appear!

  8. clear nail polish

  9. Storage of small ornaments
    Small earrings-studs and brooches are very convenient to store by pushing them into the buttons. Nothing will be lost!
  10. Buttons

  11. Perfect disguise
    When there is no time to paint hair, you can take advantage of a cunning lyfhak. This is an exceptional measure, but how can it come in handy!

    Choose shadows with sparkles in the tone of your hair. Put on the roots of hair and on the area near them, hair spray, then immediately - shadows. This will help temporarily hide the ugly overgrown roots and gray hair.

    great Lifhhak for blondes. If you dye your hair using a lightPalette, be prepared for the fact that they can suddenly change their shade to greenish. Often this happens after a trip to the pool with chorinated water. Return the radiance and whiteness of the hair will help ketchup - hold it for 15 minutes on your head, like a normal mask, then wash it off.

  12. Shadows with sparkles

  13. Greaseproof paper
    Toilet paper can easily replace cosmetic napkins, if they are not at hand. Remarkably removes greasy sheen from the skin!
  14. toilet paper

  15. Antistatic agent
    Blotting paper will remove static electricity not only from clothing, but also from hair.
  16. Blotting paper

  17. Natural toner
    After cleansing the skin the usual means is to use the toner - it removes the remains of fat and cosmetics from the face, narrows the pores.

    We offer to make toner from natural products. Mix 1 tsp. Sea salt and half a glass of water. Pour this miraculous mixture into a bottle with a nebulizer and apply after washing. Wipe the face after the toner with a cotton swab or a napkin.

  18. Skin toner

  19. Quick drying of nails
    With the help of an oil spray for cooking, you can dry your nails at lightning speed. The weight of gold, when you need to hurry!
  20. Oil spray

  21. Ironing small creases
    Hair curlers will help smooth out even the most difficult folds on clothes. Especially the area between the buttons!
  22. Ploy

  23. For naughty hair
    Intractable hair can be tamed ifUse a normal hand cream. Lightly rub your palms with cream, then walk your hands through your hair. This technique works better with wet hair and helps to make complex laying.
  24. hand cream

  25. Fixing the hairpin or hairpins
    Any hairpin will be better to stay in your hair, if, before you do your hair, you will sprinkle it with varnish.
  26. Hairpin and lacquer

  27. Express remedy for corns
    Mouthwash - Salvation from suddenly appeared corn. Grease it with a conditioner, and the irritation will pass quickly, but there will be no huge blister.
  28. teeth

  29. Gentle heels
    Lubricate Cracks on the heels Butter before going to bed, but do not forget to put on socks. In a month the heels will become silky!
  30. Cracks on the heels

  31. Antacids
    Antacids - drugs that treat heartburn and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Antacids contain substances that help remove excess water from the body. Bags under the eyes and swelling will be less if before an important meeting to drink 1 tablet of antacid.

  32. Antacids

  33. For uncomfortable shoes
    Sodium vaseline of the foot zone, which are injured by uncomfortable shoes. More corns will not appear there!
  34. Uncomfortable shoes

  35. Against gray hair
    If you just start to appear gray, regularly do a head and oil massage. This will help reduce the appearance of gray hairs by as much as 50%!
  36. Gray hair

  37. Smooth shave
    When the shaving cream ends, do not rushBuy new. Conditioner for hair will help make shaving more comfortable! Thanks to its consistency, the hairs will be removed carefully, and the skin will be extremely soft.
  38. hair conditioner

  39. Remedy against black spots
    2 tbsp. L. Corn flour and 2 tsp. Vinegar is a magic remedy for black dots on the face. Apply it to the skin for 10 minutes, massage and wash.
  40. black dots

  41. The best scrub
    oat flakes - A wonderful scrub for face and body. With success will replace expensive cosmetics for skin renewal! Oatmeal reduces irritation of the skin, helps to soothe the sun-scorched areas, carefully takes care of every pore on your body.
  42. oatmeal

  43. Lifhhak for the entangled chain
    When the shoelaces tied into a tight knot or the beloved chain was hopelessly confused, use cornstarch. A bit of sodium to them a bundle, and untie it will be many times easier!
  44. corn starch

  45. For the beauty of the eyes
    Put warm tea bags on your eyes - this will remove the swelling of the eyelids and remove redness.
  46. tea bag

  47. For beauty of face
    Bright shadows in the corners of the eyes create a miracle! The look becomes open, and even the most gaunt face is transformed. This advice will help to remain a beauty in the midst of a busy week!
  48. Girl with makeup

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