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Mattress from pillowcases and pillows

Modern shops with furniture and other small things for home improvement offer a huge selection of products. but Create comfort And comfort in your home is possible and with your own hands. For this you need only to have patience and inspiration.

"so simple!" Prepared for you a very original idea onThe creation of a mattress for all occasions from pillowcases and the cheapest pillows. Such it will be possible to take and on a picnic with friends, and simply to read on it the book of the house.

Mattress made of pillowcases and pillows

  1. So, you need to buy 4 pillow cases. They can be the same or different, it all depends on your taste.
    Pillow cases
  2. Then you need to sew them so that the holes for the pillows are on the side on one side.
    To sew pillow cases
  3. After that you should buy the simplest and cheapest pillows, suitable for the size of the pillowcases that you have purchased.
  4. Then put the pillow in the pillowcase.
    Mattress made of pillowcases and pillows

You can make a mattress of any length, adding or decreasing the number of pillows.

Mattress made of pillowcases and pillows

Cleanse such Cushion mattress It is very easy, since pillows can easily be got and washed pillowcases.

If you liked this handmade idea, try to make a soft miracle yourself and tell about it to your friends. I'm sure they will like this idea!