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Why you can not feed ducks with bread

Many of us are very fond of walking near water bodies and Feed ducks with bread. At first glance, it is quite innocuous and even noble occupation.

But in fact it is popular among people of all ages, entertainment brings feathered friends harm.

Why you can not feed ducks with bread

Bread is a very harmful product for ducks. Because of this, birds may have a disease called "angel wings." While the wings of the feathery go to the sides, not resting on the body. Because of this, birds can not fly, and the worst is that this is not treated!


This disease develops because of the highCaloric content of bread and a large content of carbohydrates and proteins in it. The duck is saturated with a lot of bread, but does not get the necessary substances for its growth and development: manganese, vitamins d and e.

Feed ducks with bread - this is the same as feeding young children fast food. Birds get used to this food and do not want to eat any more healthy food.

Moldy pieces of bread also clog the pondsAnd lead to the growth and flowering of poisonous algae. They are the cause of the occurrence of parasites in the water. Because of this, the inhabitants of reservoirs can get sick and die.

Dead duck

You can feed ducks, but you need to act wisely so that future generations can enjoy this pleasant occupation.

the best thing feed ducks Cut in half grapes, soft sliced ​​fruits and vegetables, crushed grains, oats and earthworms.

What usually is done by everyone does not mean that it is right. Take this useful advice. Love nature, and she will reciprocate you!

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