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How to stretch a planted thing

In life everything happens ... after washing, some things may suddenly become a couple of sizes smaller, and from this no one is immune. For the joy of the housewives, there is a trick with which you can easily Restore the size of the sown thing.

Cotton clothes It will easily return its form and former appearance, if only 3 simple steps are taken. What a pity that I learned only now about this!

Sitting shirt

How to stretch a planted thing

  1. Warm water, baby soft shampoo, a large towel - what you need in the process Stretching clothes.

    Add a little shampoo into the water, stir it.

  2. How to stretch a thing

  3. A thing that has sat down in the course of washing, should lie a little in a solution of children's shampoo.
  4. How to stretch a planted thing

  5. Take out the thing, squeeze it and carefully spread it on the towel.
  6. How to restore the planted thing

  7. Roll the towel into a roll, let the clothes stand up for 15 minutes.
  8. How to stretch a thing

  9. Unfold the roll with a towel, gently pull the fabric. The fibers will be malleable after a softened shampoo of water, you will be able to return the clothes to their previous state with ease!

    After gentle stretching, leave the thing to dry in a horizontal position on the towel.

  10. How to stretch thing photo

On video you can see a simple process of stretching a thing that has decreased after washing. Excellent results guaranteed!

if Thing of the village after washing, Do not be upset! This trick saved more than one dozen injured in a washing machine T-shirts and shirts. Give your friends valuable advice, they will be delighted!