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Crafts from cones

Spruce and pine cones - a natural material that can be found a lot of applications. During combustion Bumps Give the house a warm, and with the help of your skillful hands and a bright head will be able to turn into original elements of decor! Give vent to imagination!

Crafts of cones

  1. Garlands of cones
    Garlands - the easiest and fastest wayDecorate the house. With cones and ordinary twine you can create the illusion of a fairy forest. Cover the cones with "hoarfrost", you will be able to, greasing them with the glue of the pava and dipping into the salt of coarse grinding.
    Garland of cones
  2. Christmas decorations
    "What grows on the tree? Bumps and needles, "- said in the poem with. Marshak. Nothing so harmoniously will not look at a festive Christmas tree, like bumps! And if you dress them up with extra sequins and ribbons, it will be very stylish and fabulous.
    Christmas toys made of cones
  3. Wreath at the door
    When decorating a house, do not forget about the front door. Already on the doorstep the guests will understand that a skilled needlewoman lives in the house! Make a wreath of cones in ekostila not be difficult. You will need wire for the frame, building glue and fantasy.
    Cone wreath
  4. Decorative Christmas trees
    Fir-trees do not happen much! With the help of such decorative Christmas trees, you can decorate your desk or bookshelf. Gouache will help to make green the cone. It rests well on the wooden surface. You can also use acrylic paints.
    Scenery of cones
  5. Topiary
    If you are an experienced craftsman, then you can easilyTo build a topiary. In recent years, this element of European floristry has become widespread in our camp. He symbolizes prosperity and well-being in the house. An excellent gift for friends on Christmas!
    Topiary of cones

    Topiary of cones
  6. Candlestick decor
    New Year's night for two will not do without candles ... they will contribute to creating a chamber atmosphere and will adjust to a romantic mood. Continued the style of the house in the decor of the candlesticks.
    Candlestick of cones
  7. Children's crafts
    Children's fantasy knows no bounds! Help the kid with the organization of the workplace, provide the necessary materials, and the workshop of Santa Claus will start its work! And your participation in the process will cause the child to be delighted.
    Crafts of cones

    Crafts of cones

    Crafts of cones

Inspired by these ideas, you can not go past the cones now! Cosiness to your house!