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Ideas for the home

If you firmly decided once and for all Get rid of junk, Scattered around the house (all these pins,Reels, cogs), if you want the dwelling to be comfortable and cozy, you just can not pass by the selection of these ideas! Lovers of order with an uneasy desire for creation is dedicated!

Ideas for home

  1. A demonstration of masterpieces of small artists can be arranged by attaching to the wall an opening frame. So you do not need to glue the whole wall Children's drawings. Just periodically change them!
    Children's drawings
  2. Cute messages, notes, menu for the day is very easy to write a marker on a water basis. In a framing workshop (such now is in any city) pick up suitable Frame design, Specify the size of the glass, the substrate material. In a few days you can pick up a ready-made record board!
  3. Plaque

  4. Find a suitable place fenu, ployke, hair iron at times quite problematic. Paper trays through mesh holes can easily be screwed to the cabinet door. How do you like this idea?
    Hair dryer
  5. The electric meter, the display of the guard panel, disguise the wall cabinet. very comfortably.
    Hide the counter
  6. In the halls of our apartments there are not so many places, to put it mildly. Such hooks you can find in any construction shop. Chic Idea to save space!!
    Hanger for shoes
  7. A reception that will help to put things in order once and for all on a shelf with underwear!
  8. If you are a fan of decorative cosmetics, then you will definitely appreciate this idea. Make an inventory of your treasures (in terms of validity and relevance) and pack into the organizer's pockets.
  9. The problem of deep shelves is solved! Just lift the back row of books. Now they will definitely be seen.
  10. Secondary use of plastic bags -A serious contribution to supporting the environment. And that they do not clutter the shelves, keep them in a box of paper handkerchiefs. In a container from under wet baby napkins hide garbage bags.
    Storage of packages
  11. Remove the hair of a pet from the carpet with ease you can scraper the windows.
    Cleaning of wool
  12. The closet is not a junk warehouse! Find the right carnation will now be much easier. While the husband screws the lids of the cans to the shelves of the rack, deal with the sorting of the fittings.
    Storage of nails
  13. Your favorite invisibles will no longer disappear if you attach the magnetic tape to the end of the drawer. A box of dragees will also be welcome.
    Storage of pegs
  14. Christmas tree garland is useful not only for holidays. An excellent alternative to expensive sconces and floor lamps!
  15. Store toilet paper and paper towels in round containers is very convenient. Use the space as efficiently as possible.
    Storage of toilet paper
  16. To hide from prying eyes a toilet ruff you can with the help of a suitable jug.
    Hide the ruff
  17. Such an original hanger will not be found in every home! Strolling through the park once again, look at the branches on the ground. Before you, perhaps, lies the future Masterpiece of decor!!
  18. It is not necessary to hire masters every time you want to refresh the interior. Reception, which will give texture to the walls, does not require the use of special tools.
    Wall design
  19. Have not you thrown out your grandfather's suitcases yet? This is exactly what you need to design a house in a vintage style. "Old" suitcase is even more with the help of sandpaper and acrylic paints or you can embroider a bright cloth.
    Old suitcase
  20. Drawer from the old chest boldly float. It will look very original as a shelf. Now your collection of jewelry will be in order!
    Shelf from drawer
  21. A furniture set of automobile tires. It's just wonderful Idea for a summer residence Or a garage!
    Furniture from tires
  22. Here it is - solving the problem of dust in children'sDesigner! Put all the details in a mesh bag and mine: at least in a bucket, at least under running water. In the same way, bathe the rest of the small plastic toys.
    How to wash lego

Share your tricks of putting things in order! And remember that Order in the house - order in the head.