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How to sew a chair-bag

Multifunctional bag chair (Or binbeg) today at the peak of popularity. He has a lot of advantages over conventional furniture: he does not have frames, repeats the bends of the human body, reduces the risk of allergies, moves easily ... besides it is a stylish decor element that brings a zest to the interior. Sewing a chair-bag with their own hands, guided by recommendations from "so simple!" Tangible savings!

bag chair

How to sew a chair-bag

Your seat-bag will consist of two covers. The top layer is easy to remove for washing, and in the inner case there is a filler. Before starting work, check the quality of the fabric, so that it does not creep, it is sufficiently dense, and the threads must also be sturdy. Polystyrene - hypoallergenic, harmless filler. You can buy it in a store that specializes in frameless furniture.


  • Fabric for the inner cover (suitable tight cotton, raincoat fabric)
  • Fabric for outer cover (corduroy, artificial leather, jeans, velor)
  • 1 m long lightning (for external cover)
  • A zipper length of 40 cm (for the inner case)
  • 120-150 l of polystyrene (for filling the bag)


  1. Draw a pattern on paper, transfer it to the fabric. Allowance for seams on the sides - 1.5 cm. Cut out all the details of the pattern.
  2. Scheme chair-bag

    Chair pattern

  3. Begin to sew first the inner cover. On one side of the louse Lightning, Through this hole you will pour filler. Work on seams overlock.
  4. To sew a chair-bag

  5. It's filler time. Working with polystyrene, remember that it has the property of sticking to all surfaces. And if it does, it will be very difficult to remove it.

    Polystyrene filler

    You can use the method shown in the picture.

  6. How to stuff a bag

    bag chair

  7. Proceed to sewing an outer cover. If the fabric is too dense, do not forget to change the needle on the sewing machine! Lice zipper to ensure that the cover can be removed.

Acquiring some skill in the manufacture of Frameless furniture, You can try sewing a seat-bag of old jeans.

An old bag of old jeans

Especially this chair will be happy children! It will quickly become a favorite holiday destination for all family members.