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How to stay young

For some reason the opinion was formed that youth is a synonym for beauty. Yes, with age, the face becomes wrinkled, the skin loses its elasticity, and Hair turns gray. But this is not a reason to stop being a real woman!

Joyce Carpathians Knows about this not by hearsay. This woman is an opera singer, wife, mother and grandmother. She says that after the Second World War in Italy, people had almost nothing. But when the women went out into the street, they were blinded by their beauty and elegance. what's the secret?

"so simple!" Prepared for you the secrets of beauty, which was said in interviews by Joyce Carpati herself.

Tips for women

Joyce Carpathians

  1. Do not go out into the street until you look well-groomed. Love the clothes you wear, because she is a part of you.
  2. Do not worry about wrinkles. Plastic surgery destroys those subtle features, thanks to which each woman has its charm. Take your age with pride.
  3. Joyce Carpathians

  4. Your attitude towards yourself is reflected in the appearance. Accept yourself as you are. In 80 years you are still the same woman as she was at 30.
  5. Emphasize their dignity, because they have every person.
  6. Do not try to look young and do not want it. Strive to look amazing.
  7. Joyce Carpathians

  8. Do not deny yourself Care products. Let it be even self-cooked face cream. Do not stop caring for yourself, because it makes women happy.
  9. A light make-up in the morning will give self-confidence and a charge of good mood. But be careful: with makeup, do not overdo it. Joyce advises to protect the skin from the sun and moisturize it.
  10. Joyce Carpathians

  11. Before you go out on the street, the joyce is compulsoryDoes a hairdress. Your hair should look perfect, too. Pick up for yourself a hairstyle that fits most. Joyce has long hair, which she braids into braids and fastens with hairpins.

Joyce Carpathians

As you see, any woman is capable and even obliged to look great. For this we are loved by men. Spread your shoulders, start using the advice of this Wise ladies Already today, and the whole world will be at your feet! Do not forget to share material on social networks.