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How to use Scotch tape in an unusual way

Scotch tape is often used to glue together things or something to fix. But ingenious people found many other possibilities Application of adhesive tape. Most of them are unexpected and very useful.

"so simple!" Prepared for you a selection of 9 wonderful ways of non-standard use of tape. Take it into service!

Unusual use of scotch tape

  1. Hang the picture smoothly
    Paste decorative tape on the back of the picture, as in the photo.
  2. How to hang a picture evenly

    Cut a piece of scotch. She will be able to specify exactly what distance should be between the nails on the wall.

    How to hang a picture evenly

    Download the program that measures the building level. Or use a special device.

    How to hang a picture evenly

    Glue under it a strip and on its edges beat the nails. Ready!

    How to hang a picture evenly

  3. Clean clothes
    If your clothes are in dust or in Pet hair, Clean it with scotch tape. Make a tangle of sticky tape and go through their clothes.
  4. kitten

  5. Get a splinter
    If the splinter is not deep, apply scotch tape in order to get it. Stick adhesive tape to the affected area and sharply pull in the same direction as the splinter entered.
  6. Splinter in the finger

  7. Stop the blood
    If you have a shallow wound and no bloodStops, and there is no band-aid near at hand, use scotch tape. First, wash the wound and treat it with hydrogen peroxide. Then connect the edges of the wound together and stick to this place of adhesive tape.
  8. Blood from the finger

  9. No corns!
    Prevent the appearance of corn, (when there is no patch near at hand), you can use scotch tape. If the shoes are rubbed, and there is no band-aid, glue the sticky tape to the problem place and continue your journey.
  10. Shoes rubbed their feet

  11. Repair the tips of the laces
    The tips of the laces from frequent lacing come into disrepair, and it is difficult to insert them into holes. So the tips can be wrapped with scotch, and they will be almost like new ones.
  12. Sneakers

  13. Make an original manicure
    Take an adhesive tape or a paint tape and nail polish. Apply nail polish and wait until they dry. Then cut the adhesive tape as your heart desires. Then paste it on the nails, cut the top with a varnish of a different color and remove the adhesive tape with tweezers. The abstract manicure is ready! With the help of adhesive tape, you can also make a smooth and beautiful French manicure.
  14. Manicure with scotch tape

  15. Make frosted glass transparent
    If you paste an adhesive tape on a frosted glass, it will turn into a transparent one.
  16. Remove the price tag
    Many of us do not know how to remove the price tag toThere are no traces of glue. To make it very simple. First take off with a nail a piece of paper with a price. To remove its residues, use adhesive tape, gluing it and peeling it off the surface.
  17. Price book

Use things not for their intended purpose is truly useful and entertaining. these Ways to apply scotch Will be useful in everyday life for everyone!

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