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How to learn irregular verbs

One of the most important Learning English - Irregular Verbs. Do not worry, if you remember all 3 insidious forms did not work out right away! There is a tricky trick that will fix the necessary words in memory.

With the help of this poem you can easily Remember irregular verbs!! Funny lines are very popular with children - the verse will help the child do homework with great pleasure.

How to learn irregular verbs

  1. The sea argues with a slight breeze,
    storm Arise, arose, arisen (rise, arise).
  2. Know everything - the verb to be
    In his childhood was Was, were, been (be).
  3. He was born wrong.
    do not forget: Bear, bore, born.
  4. If to be pressed come -
    The word will be new to us,
    as Become, become, become, become, become,.
  5. If be has a gun -
    Hooligan bully,
    all of a sudden Begin, began, begun (start).
  6. The benefits are not from cigarettes -
    They are the body Bend, bent, bent ((co-bend).
  7. Regret not stop
    Those who are with them Bind, bound, bound.
  8. If the hive is annoying -
    Bees hurt Bite, bit, bit (bite).
  9. We urgently need to go to the infirmary,
    If the wound Bleed, bled, bled.
  10. I will not reveal a secret
    Is that the wind Blow, blew, blown (blow).
  11. For all there is in life terms:
    Everything was once Break, broke, broken ((c-) break).
  12. I'll give you one piece of advice:
    Children need Breed, bred, bred (grow, educate).
  13. Stewardess tea carries -
    in English Bring, brought, brought.
  14. Those who built, do not forget
    About verbs: Build, built, built.
  15. All the fire gives fire
    because Burn, burnt, burnt.
  16. It's just an anecdote -
    Everything that's needed, Buy, bought, bought (buy)
  17. And not poor Get, got, got (get, become, be done).
  18. Life does not give good to that,
    Who is in trouble you Cast, cast, cast.
  19. Sleeping lazy fat cat,
    He does not have mice Catch, caught, caught (catch, snap).
  20. In life often the choice is complicated.
    How do we all Choose, choose, choose?
  21. All will not welcome you,
    If often Come, came, came,.
  22. For the rich - not a question:
    "how much is Cost, cost, cost? "
  23. In the east there is a rite ...
    The word "cut" Cut, cut, cut.
  24. Yam do not swarm others, eccentric,
    And not worth it Dig, dug, dug.
  25. Took the son of a large cardboard
    And the picture Draw, drew, drawn (draw, drag).
  26. Will the waist of the ladies,
    Charging Do.
  27. Says always an esthete:
    "how beautiful Dream, dreamt, dreamt (dream, see in a dream)! "
  28. One who does not drink a fool,
    Loves the word Drink, drank, drunk.
  29. Irregular Verbs

  30. If you drive a car,
    You know Drive, drove, driven.
  31. If the husband came angry -
    Give to eat - Eat, ate, eaten (available).
  32. Everyone will be dissatisfied,
    If it hurts Fall, fell, fallen.
  33. Our cat pussy-cat
    Kids love Feed, fed, fed (feed).
  34. The poet feels in his heart ...
    this word Feel, felt, felt.
  35. On earth any people
    for freedom Fight, fought, fought.
  36. Found the boxer a knockout.
    this word Find, found, found.
  37. Do not fool me, my advice,
    So that later Flee, fled, fled (escape, save).
  38. All countries
    By airplane Fly, flew, flown (fly).
  39. And their talent Grow.
  40. Call home from work
    I Forget, forgot, forgotten.
  41. So that friends do not forget you -
    In debt is not worth it Give, give, give.
  42. Who is born as a postman -
    day and night Go, go, gone (go, walk, leave).
  43. If there is a flaw on the wall -
    You picture Hang, hung, hung (hang, hang).
  44. You are always in the soul of a poet,
    If the soul Have, had, had (had).
  45. The sound went to the flight ...
    this Hear, heard, heard.
  46. Treasure robber is not visible,
    because Hide, hid, hidden.
  47. Rent a cabriolet
    Allow me - Let, let, let (allow).
  48. Who stole a cabriolet?
    Hey, hold: Hold, held, held!!
  49. To everyone who loves ringing coins -
    Money in a bank Keep, kept, kept.
  50. How to make fun of the crafty clown
    Knows exactly Know, knew, known.
  51. On the snow an animal track
    You to the lair Lead, led, led.
  52. For a year now
    I am English Learn, learn, learn (learn).
  53. Waiting for a frigate, longing, a bollard ...
    Port ship Leave, left, left.
  54. Can anyone on the bread coins
    Me a little Lend, lent, lent?
  55. Match with an asterisk is lit,
    If the match Light, lit, lit.
  56. Bill, keep your nose in the wind -
    Scent is dangerous Lose, lost, lost.
  57. We have a dinner for 100 people,
    Livelier Make, made, made,.
  58. Awareness of the moment
    in English: Mean, mean, mean.
  59. Without separation, there is no meeting.
    The meeting will be: Meet, met, met (meet).
  60. Was a fighter pretty cool -
    On the shoulder blades Put, put, put (put).
  61. You are obliged from childhood
    in English Read, read, read.
  62. You will be like a lord, solid,
    By horseback Ride, rode, ridden.
  63. From the brocade shone with garments -
    Sun in the sky Rise, rose, risen.
  64. To be healthy to you -
    daily Run, ran, run.
  65. Yesterday neighbor language
    Barely Say, said, said.
  66. We keep the secret,
    Since it is not See, sаw, seen (see).
  67. I bought a cow yesterday,
    And the goat Sell, sell, sell.
  68. We are for you in one moment
    Letters by fax Send, sent, sent.
  69. We are with Mary the tet-a-tet,
    Only the sun Set, set, set (enter - about the sun, set).
  70. Hey, barman, shake your shaker!
    Livelier Shake, shook, shaken!!
  71. The rain cried and passed.
    The sun is bright Shine, shone, shine (shine, shine).
  72. Target well
    I'm like a sniper Shoot, shot, shot (shoot, shoot).
  73. People in the house do not rush,
    Where the doors are Shut, shut, shut.
  74. I recognize by voice,
    Who is nice Sing, sang, sung (sing).
  75. Heart draws to heaven ...
    And I'm in the sky Sink, sank, sunk (dive).
  76. For seven troubles one answer ...
    If only not Sit, sat, sat (sit).
  77. Sleep is getting closer - step by step,
    Soon children Sleep, slept, slept.
  78. Here already as 40 years
    Childhood with a Christmas tree Smell, smelt, smelt (smell, smell).
  79. There will always be no use,
    Where abundantly Speak, spoke, speak (speak).
  80. Do not save a lot of years -
    Wives money Spend, spent, spent (spend).
  81. Is it worth arguing so strongly?
    it's nerves Spoil, spoil, spoil.
  82. Morning coffee to the whole world
    delicious smell Spread, spread, spread.
  83. Raising the tarars,
    Rain on the roof Spring, sprang, sprung (jump, jump up).
  84. Will all you have is not good,
    If the case Stand, stand, stand.
  85. Making everyone laugh, a cunning clown
    Sadness has stolen Steal, stole, stolen (steal).
  86. In the morning the ram was angry
    To us in the gates Strike, struck, stricken.
  87. So that you will not be defeated,
    you must Strive, strove, striven (try, fight).
  88. The word of honor is my law!
    in that Swear, swore, sworn.
  89. If the summer is hot for you,
    so glad Swim, swam, swum.
  90. The inscription is on the tape adhesive:
    "Only flies Take, took,! "
  91. How the teacher will come to us -
    Begins Teach, taught, taught.
  92. The silence of spring thunder
    With a crash Tear, tore, torn.
  93. If silence is pure gold,
    Silvered Tell, told, told.
  94. If you do not fool -
    You must Think.
  95. Through the fire from time to time
    Tigers in the circus Throw, threw, thrown.
  96. That the descent was too steep,
    Understand and understood.
  97. One hundred postman sunglasses
    Per year can Wear, worn, worn.
  98. Who in love is blind,
    After Weep, wept, wept (cry)!!
  99. After the fight many wounds,
    even Win, won, won.
  100. Never a clock will rise,
    If their Wind, wound, wound (twist, wind).
  101. Now you can easily learn
    The fact that Eugene Write, wrote, written.

This video will help you learn some complex English words and their forms. When fun, everything is remembered much better!

A witty poem will be useful to anyone who wants to know English perfectly. Share this cheat sheet with friends, sure, it will come in handy for many!