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How to use cotton wool

It is difficult to find a person who at least once in his life does not Used cotton. She reliably settled on the shelves of our home lockers. But not everyone knows about some ways of using cotton wool for other purposes.

Ways of using cotton wool

We offer 9 original applications for cotton wool. Perhaps, some will be for you a discovery!

  1. Freshen up the air
    In addition to cotton wool, you will need any favoriteEssential oil and a decorative glass container with holes in the lid. Wet the oil with cotton wool, put it in the bottle. The intensity of the fragrance can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the holes in the lid. But you can build a construction like this.
  2. air freshener

  3. To remove an unpleasant smell in the refrigerator
    Acts similarly to the method mentioned above. Remember that you have to deal with food, so you should choose oil with a slight smell. Citrus flavors: lemon, orange, grapefruit.
  4. Refrigerator freshener

  5. Protect feet from calluses and corns
    Soft, fluffy cotton wool will help protect your legs from damage when wearing uncomfortable shoes. Make pads under the feet to prevent rubbing.
  6. corn

  7. To prevent the reproduction of mold
    Wetting Cotton swab In a chlorine-containing substance, treat the surface with mold. Prepare another one of the same tampon and leave it in the place where the fungus appeared.
  8. Get rid of mold

  9. Prolong the service life of rubber gloves
    Rubber gloves are most often torn at the fingertips. Put in small pieces of cotton wool. So you will protect your gloves from premature damage.
  10. To prolong the life of gloves

  11. To help a sick tooth
    Soak a piece of cotton wool in brandy and put it to the tooth. The pain will subside.
  12. Get rid of the pain

  13. Remove nail polish without effort
    Small pieces of cotton wool in the liquid to remove the varnish, apply them to the nails and hold for several minutes. To remove the varnish will now be much easier. No longer need to rub for a long time!
  14. Remove lacquer

  15. Build a water filter
    The case for the filter is the usual plasticbottle. Cut the bottom of the bottle. Turn it upside down, as shown in the photo. Lay the cotton in three layers, alternating with layers of crushed activated carbon. Such a filter is guaranteed to purify water of sand, soil particles and simple microorganisms, but it is necessary to boil the received water!
  16. water filter

  17. Develop children's creative abilities
    Any creative ideas can be implemented withUsing cotton wool! Fill the author's soft toys, decorate the room with cotton garlands for the new year, make all kinds of appliques and crafts with children ... choose an activity to your liking!
  18. Wadding articles

And what methods of unusual use of ordinary things do you know? Share it with others in the comments!