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Unusual use of tampons

Forget everything you knew about tampons before! This delicate subject of female hygiene is not so simple: it turns out that they can be successfully used by men. Even the harshest guys will appreciate these interesting ideas if they are tested in practice ...

Tampons Useful for real men in the wild -These tips are designed for tourists, anglers, cyclists and other fans of outdoor activities. Here are a few good reasons to take a tampon with you on a journey. One little thing is able to replace the whole arsenal of marching accessories!

Unusual use of tampons

  1. Help with bleeding
    A tampon will perfectly replace cotton wool. With any bleeding it is irreplaceable! Tampons in the package are sterile - this allows you to apply them to an open wound, put it into the bleeding nose, attach to the place of the knocked out tooth.

    It is better to replace the usual cotton wool in the ambulance kit with tampons - compactly and 100% hygienically.

    Tampon in the nose

  2. Sterile dressing
    Quickly apply a bandage on the wound can be with the assistance of an ordinary tampon. Tampon packing Protects it from moisture and bacteria, so the material can be used without any doubt as a base for dressing.
  3. water filter
    The simplest water filter can be made fromA tampon and a plastic bottle. Such a filter absorbs impurities that contain water. Of course, this method of purification is not perfect, but it's better than nothing.

    Cut a plastic bottle - you will need a piece with a twist cap. Make a small hole in the lid.

    water filter

    Rinse the tampon, put it in the neck of the bottle. Pour water into the bottle.

    water filter

    Filtered water will appear from a small slot in the lid.

    water filter

  4. Spectacular ignition
    Tampons are made from natural cotton. Reliable packaging keeps cotton dry, which means that with the help of the contents of the tampon you can light a fire!

    If you use more and combustible substances in addition to the tampon, the fire will inflame to glory!

    Tampon in a hike

  5. A pipe for drinking directly from a stream
    This invention became the object of many tourists' dreams: just think, the tube, which immediately filters the water, - it is convenient and safe to drink from the stream.

    Such a tube can be built independently,Using a tampon of a certain type - in a plastic box. The adaptation will allow to clear water mechanically: it is necessary to leave only a part of the fluffed tampon in a tube. An excellent handy filter!

    Lifhfak for the tourist

  6. Candle wick
    You can make a candle yourself with two simple ingredients. Bicycle grease, animal fat or oil + rope from a tampon - the formula of a homemade candle.
    Lifhfak for the tourist
  7. A small but strong rope
    The rope from the tampon is very small, but evenIt can be very useful in a certain situation. With its help you can fasten small objects. Just take a look at this homemade trap for small animals!
    Tampon for man
  8. Water tank
    A plastic tube from the tampon is very convenient when you need to inflate a bonfire. If you make a small fire in a log, you can get a very convenient water tank.
    How to use a tampon

    It will be useful for those who like hiking in extreme conditions!

    Unusual use of a tampon

  9. Use of packaging from tampons
    In a waterproof packing from a tampon it will be logical to place matches - there they precisely will not get wet.
    Tampon photo
  10. Float
    Packing from a tampon with ease turns into a bright fishing float!
    Tampon for fishing

    No fish can resist such a device ...


Emergency situations require desperate measures. Now you know why a tampon may be needed for a man. Really necessary thing in the hike!

Share with your friends these ideas, very few people know how useful a simple tampon can be.