/ How to paint a concrete floor

How to paint a concrete floor

The idea with which you now get acquainted will transform any concrete floor. In a garage, in a private and in a multi-storey building, in an extension - Concrete floors Can be found anywhere. Usually everyone wants to insulate it, forgetting that the appearance also matters ...

"so simple!" He values ​​beauty and offers you completelyTransform the concrete floor. It will look exactly like laminate! A very budget proposal that proves that real miracles can happen during repairs.

How to paint a concrete floor

  1. Shot blasting - the first step in the transformation of the concrete floor. With the help of a special machine, the top layer of concrete is removed, a smooth coating remains, which serves as a basis for further work.
  2. How to paint a concrete floor

  3. The next step is to stick fiber tapes on the floor. They are often used as Laminate substrate.
  4. Than paint the concrete floor

  5. Using a spray gun with paint, you need to apply the first layer.
  6. Repair of concrete floors

  7. Thin tapes easily peel off, leaving a neat pattern of rectangles.
  8. How to paint a concrete floor photo

  9. It remains only to paint rectangles in the colors of natural wood. It is better to do this manually, using a special paint.
  10. Concrete floor for laminate

  11. It is necessary to apply two coats of varnish on top of the decorated planks. The floor is smooth, shiny, just a sight! You can not tell from a wooden laminate.
  12. How to paint a concrete floor

Explore the exciting work plan for Painting of concrete floor - see a short video.

Chic decorative coating of a concrete floor, is not it? I'll definitely try to do something like that at the dacha ...

It is not difficult to create the appearance of a laminate. If this unconventional idea for repair will be to your liking - share it with loved ones!