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Hairstyles for dirty hair

Frankly, absolutely dirty hair Not hide it in any way. But what if you do not have time to wash your head, time is short, and ahead - a whole working day?

"so simple!" Picked for you the most stylish options for laying, which hide the stale hair.

How to disguise dirty hair

  1. Shawl
    The first thing you can think of in this case is to tie the headscarf on the head. This accessory will immediately distract attention to yourself.
  2. Hair clips
    With the help of various pins, studs, clamps, you can easily build on your head a fantasy styling.

  3. Bezel
    Lightly brush hair on the vertex, fix the rim on the head. Feminine laying In the style of the boho is ready!

  4. Bundle
    A bundle is a real wand for the busy ladies. There are many variations of the beam: high, low, tight, careless ... choose to your taste! Such a hairstyle will be appropriate everywhere.
  5. Braids and weaving
    Spit no one canceled! With dexterous movements for minutes, you can turn into the personification of the most feminine. In this case, unwashed hair will be a plus, because so the hair will hold even better.

  6. bang
    If the hair along the entire length looks completely clean, and the bangs are salted, then make a side net or remove it from the face.
  7. vintage style
    Lovers of retrostyle can give vent to their imagination. Here some skills will be required, but the result will be chic!

Forming a hairdress on unwashed hair, try not to use Styling products. They only weight the strands. The children's powder will come to the rescue: the embankment in the palm of its small number and distributed to the hair. Carefully combed.

Share these tips with your friends, and stay beautiful together in any unforeseen situation!