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How to unscrew the screw

Everyone who did repairs in the apartment facedWith this problem: the screw is closely pulled to the surface, and the slot (the slot on the head of the fastener, into which the end of the screwdriver is inserted) is torn off tightly. Accordingly, to unscrew such a screw is problematic. Most often this happens with faces under Phillips screwdriver.

You can try to unscrew the screw with pliers, but this does not always help. If you drill a hat, the screw can forever remain inside the body of the material.

But do not despair, unscrew Screw with torn edges perhaps. Very few people know about this ingenious trick, but it really works! Even a woman can easily cope. Be sure to take this idea into service, because the edges of the screw can break at the most inopportune moment.

How to unscrew a screw

Pick up Rubber gasket By the size of the screw head. You can use a regular elastic band, which draws in bills. Turn it under a screwdriver or a screwdriver and twist the screw. Hope this simple way will make your life easier. Do not forget to share it with your friends!