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Value of the marriage line

The line of marriage is considered to be short horizontal dashes, which are immediately below the little finger. To see them, squeeze your hand into a fist and turn to yourself with the edge of your hand.

One or more lines tell about the most valuable and lasting relations with the opposite sex. By the way, only on Lines of marriage You can not predict marriage, you still need to look at other lines and signs on the palm of your hand.

About what the marriage line says

A sign of a happy marriage - one clear and deep Marriage line. Long and smooth marriage line on the palm of your handIndicates a long relationship. The optimal position is strictly horizontal. If such a line you have on both hands, most likely, life in marriage you will be wonderful.

Marriage line

If you have a weakly visible, uneven line or with breaks, this can be a sign of frequent quarrels and problems in marriage.

The alarm lines are the lines that cross the marriage line. About an unsuccessful marriage says a line, sinking down.

Two clear lines of marriage talk about possible two long and happy marriages or relationships.

Marriage line

If the line of marriage is almost imperceptible and very thin, then most likely there was no sincerity in the relationship, or love was unrequited.

Marriage line

About the meeting of the condemned one can be judged by the location Lines of love, As they also call the marriage line. The closer this line to the base of the finger, the later a person expects a long-awaited meeting.

Palmists believe that on the palms you can see only those events to which a person approaches himself, thanks to his actions and predispositions.

So if you saw a line on your hand that says something bad, do not get upset. This is an excellent opportunity to work on yourself again!

Palmistry is a fortune telling, and not a scenario of life. Remembering this, you can learn a lot of interesting things about yourself and others.

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