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Peeling-roll for the face

The human body is constantly renewed, and because of this, the skin keeps dumping all the time Dead cells. So it flakes, especially in the autumn-winter period, when the skin is affected by many negative factors.

Dead cells should be exfoliated. "so simple!" Prepared for you the ideal way to renew the skin of the face - a peeling-roll, which can easily be done at home.


This procedure is absolutely painless and will help you to forget about the peeling of the skin on your face forever.

You will need

  • Calcium chloride solution 5-10% (calcium chloride can be bought in any pharmacy in ampoules)
  • Cotton wheels
  • Baby soap


Application of

  1. Open the ampoule. Take a cotton pad and pat it with a solution of calcium chloride. Apply liquid to the skin and let it completely absorb. This procedure should be repeated 5-8 times. You may feel a slight tingling of the skin. If the skin is hard to burn, immediately wash using soap.
  2. When the last layer of calcium chloride dries, moisten your fingers with water and soap them with baby soap.
  3. With massage movements rub soap into the skin. Your skin will roll down under your fingers. Soap and re-massage the skin until the spools cease to form. After that, wash with warm water. You can apply the cream, because soap and calcium chloride dry the skin.

Why does this remedy remove dead cells?

The whole point is that calcium chlorideInteracts with potassium and sodium salts, which are contained in baby soap, and as a result, potassium and sodium chloride is formed and undissolved calcium salt, which just slips, capturing Cornified particles The top layer of the skin.

Try to do this Peeling-roll At home, the result will surely exceed all your expectations. It's worth telling your friends!