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Why can not I talk on my mobile while charging?

Probably many of us have heard that you can not talk on your mobile phone while it is charging. Only a few know why this is not recommended.

Site editorial staff "so simple!" Decided to understand this issue and to inform its readers about the possible danger. Be careful, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Why you can not use your mobile while charging

Blown up phone

When the mobile phone is charging, it is strongHeats up. Let the device looks like usual, what's going on inside, you do not see. Be careful, even if you use the device for a long time and are confident in it. If the gadget has a small manufacturing defect or if there are frequent voltage drops on the network when you charge the phone, Danger of mobile explosion Increases many times!

Not once there were cases when chargingThe phone exploded during the conversation. The outcome is terrible: burns, maxillofacial trauma, bursting the tympanic membrane, problems with vision. The consequences can be very different, but all are equally deplorable.

Watch out for how kids use gadgets, as they often do not break away from games on the mobile even during charging, which is also unsafe.

Security measures while charging a mobile phone

  1. Do not use the mobile while it is plugged into the power outlet through the charger!
  2. Do not talk or play while charging a gadget.
  3. Do not put a charging mobile on the bed or other flammable surface.
  4. If you charge the phone and you call, before you answer the call, disconnect the mobile from the charger and outlet.

A mobile phone is a very useful invention. However, it should be used very carefully.

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