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Shoes that exactly need to be

For some women, the temptation to buy another A pair of shoes Is too large. Another problematic is to choose at least something amidst the shabby abundance. In order to reasonably dispose of the funds and not to buy another useless model, "so simple!" Made a list of the minimum shoe, which should be exactly in the wardrobe.

Look stylish And it is appropriate in any situation, without lowering the half-pay for the fashionable novelty you like, perhaps! A few basic styles of shoes will be useful for creating any your image.

Shoes, which exactly must be for every woman

  1. Classic boats
    Shoes-boats are an eternal classic, on whichCan not be saved. Choose good models with a convenient shoe and high-quality genuine leather. The toe should be elongated - so the leg will look more elegant. Heel height of 9-11 cm is enough. Elegant boats - a real wand-zashchalochka for a modern woman. They will give a gloss even to the most careless image.
  2. Classic boats

    Classic boats

  3. Feminine ballet flats
    They densely settled on our shoe shelves. Contrary to the warnings of orthopedists who insist on the harm of ballet for the arch of the feet, the girls affectionately loved this shoe for its convenience and functionality. Because they can go to the feast, the world, and good people! There is always a compromise. Stop on models that have a small Heels, So as not to hurt your legs.
  4. ballet shoes

    ballet shoes

  5. Universal sneakers
    Sneakers are not only suitable for teenage girls! They will complement any outfit in the style of kezhual, a romantic image, a trouser ensemble. But under the pencil skirt, pick something else ...
  6. Sneakers


  7. Shoes in a man's style
    The elements of the male toilet in the women's wardrobe were still used by the Marlene Dietrich in the 1930s. and now Such shoes At the peak of popularity! Oxford, burglar, derby ... you should have a place in the closet for at least one pair!
  8. Shoes in a man's style

    Shoes in a man's style

  9. Bright sneakers
    For a hike to the gym, for walking with a dog,For outing on the nature with friends ... yes you never know what else they need! Also sneakers perfectly refresh the everyday urban image. Like boats, sneakers buy quality, proven brands.
  10. sneakers

  11. Comfortable sandals
    Universal summer shoes for recreation. Sandals are simply irreplaceable in the heat! For convenience of combination, give up too pretentious models.
  12. sandals


  13. Romantic wedge
    The sandals on the wedge look so feminine! You can put them on a romantic date, meet with friends, walk around the city.
  14. Sandals on a wedge

  15. rubber boots
    Buy rubber boots with cheerfulnessColors. A pair of such boots will allow your feet to remain dry and does not interfere with the integrity of the image. Yellow, red, blue, peas: choose to your taste and boldly slap in the puddles!
  16. rubber boots

  17. Universal boots
    The actual style of ankle boots - up to the middleAnkles. But such a height does not suit those who have short legs or not quite slender. If you are not the owner of long slender legs, give preference to another model.
  18. Ankle boots

  19. knee-high boots
    Truly demi-season must have! Perfectly lengthen the leg, keep the heat, stylish look with any outfit ... what else do you need ?!
  20. Boots

  21. Warm boots or boots
    Even in the severe frosts of our latitudes, we can Look beautiful Without prejudice to health. Comfortable and warm boots or boots on the fur will help you to survive the cold and take care that your feet are freezing cold and snow!
  22. winter shoes

Respect yourself and do not go broke once again on a pair of bad shoes!