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Use of tangerine peel

Finally came the beloved Tangerine season - a time when orange balls decorate each table and fascinate with its aroma!

About the healing properties of the fruit itself for a long time alreadyIt is known. The pulp of ripe mandarin fruits contains vitamins c, d and c, fiber and other vital substance substances. But few people realize that this is not all the value of fruit ... what do you, for example, do with a tangerine skin - throw it out? Now, after reading our advice, you will stop doing it. It turns out, zest Mandarin women - a very useful thing!

Use of mandarin peel

  1. Tangerine tea
    Dried and crushed tangerine peel can be added to tea. Then your favorite drink will also be an excellent preventative against colds.
    Tangerine tea
  2. Assistant cook
    Grinded crusts are used as a flavor for baking and drinks.
    Crushed mandarin peel
  3. Tangerine candied fruits
    Do you remember we already prepared orange candied fruits? You can also use a mandarin peel to prepare a treat.
    Tangerine candied fruit
  4. Decoctions and infusions for the treatment of various diseases
    Decoctions and tinctures on the tangerine peel Chill And even bronchitis. For this you need 2 tbsp. L. Peel pour 2 cups of boiling water, put on fire for 5-6 minutes and infuse the drink for about an hour. Take it 3 times a day for half an hour 15 minutes before eating.

    The skin of mandarins is used in medicine to increase appetite and Improve digestion. Infusion of crusts consume 10-20 drops per day for 15-30 minutes before meals.

    Saves tangerine peel and From stress. Essential oils contained in it, perfectlySoothe the nerves, normalize the pressure and help with headaches. Usually to relieve stress, prepare a bath, in which you can add a decoction of tangerine crusts.

    And if you want Strengthen immunity, Then fill 2 tbsp. L. Tangerine crust with a glass of vodka and insist a week. Take the received tincture 3 times a day for 20 drops before meals.

    Citrus infusion

  5. Cosmetology means
    Mandarin crust is a natural beautician! Very popular Mandarin water. It is very easy to cook: pour coldly boiled water finely chopped peel, let it brew for 24 hours and strain. This is an excellent tool for cleaning pores!

    But how do you get the idea scrub? The dried crusts steal and rub their body. Triple use - massage, fragrance and vitamins for the skin.

    Masks, lotions, essential oils and soap - tangerine peel here is no equal!

    Girl and tangerine

  6. Antimicrobial agent
    Put a few dried mandarin crusts in a closet - and you'll save your clothes from moths.
    Mandarin skin
  7. Protector of domestic plants
    Infusion on mandarin crusts feedHouse plants and spray them from spider mites. To the same owners of cats - lovers of gnawing houseplants recommend "decorating" pots with mandarin crusts.
    Tangerines for domestic plants
  8. spice
    Crushed mandarin peel is an amazing spice that gives spicy flavor to dishes, and also improves digestion.
  9. air freshener
    The easiest way: if you fill glass vases with pebbles, shells and mandarin crusts, then in your room there will always be a pleasant The fragrance of the new year.
    Fir-tree of tangerine peel
  10. Crafts
    And also from the peel of the mandarin women make wonderful decorations for the interior, which will give a festive mood!
    Crafts from tangerine peel

    Crafts from tangerine peel

    Add heat ...

    Crafts from tangerine peel

    With the upcoming holidays you!

    Crafts from tangerine peel

Mandarin women do not happen much! Now you can appreciate all the useful properties of delicious Citrus Under the full program.

But how else do you use mandarin peel? Share an orange joy with your friends - maybe they will throw some ideas!