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Mathematics for children with LEGO

Perhaps there is now no such person who does notWould be familiar with the designer lego. The legendary game was released more than 60 years ago. And since then the designer has always been popular. Playing with lego, children develop fine motor skills, logical and imaginative thinking, learn to show imagination when they collect the details according to their design.

Color constructor lego propertyTo attract and retain the attention of children was used in her technique by alimia zimmerman - a teacher from New York. She used the details of the designer with an even number of spikes to intelligibly explain to the small students basic mathematical concepts. Addition, subtraction, division, arithmetic mean - these actions are given to children more easily in a game form.

Mathematics with lego

  1. Integer and parts
    Learn to add and subtract more easily, having before your eyes an illustrative example.
  2. Fractions
    Children are difficult to understand the abstract fragmentationAn imaginary whole. It is much easier to do this, gradually separating other parts with spikes from the whole brick. So much faster can be mastered the basic concepts and types of fractions.

  3. Squaring
    To fold the bricks lego much more fascinating than to examine the demonstration cards, as we did at school!
  4. average
    The child adds a turret from the designer, then learns to divide it into equal parts, and at the same time learns how to find the average arithmetic value.

Joint studies with the child mathematics will soon bear fruit, especially if you combine them with the game process. Learn together by playing!