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What gives the age of a woman

How much there is a woman, so much she caresThe issue of preserving youth and beauty. And most women after a certain age limit begin to carefully hide the figure in the passport. The reality is that it's impossible to turn back time! But slow down Aging process Completely in your power, without resorting to plastic surgery.

Cosmetologists have identified a number of markers, according to whichOthers read information about the true age of women. Neutralizing at least one of them, you can significantly adjust your appearance. And the measures taken together will give truly fantastic results! The struggle for youth should begin when the first bell rings: there will be mimic wrinkles, dry skin, swelling under the eyes.

Hollywood stars have at their disposal a whole arsenal of achievements in modern cosmetology, which you can also take advantage of. "so simple!" Offers to learn how to effectively fight the sheer signs of aging celebrities.

What gives the age of a woman

  1. Nasolabial folds
    Nasolabial folds are a natural trace of time,Which sometimes appears on the face as early as 25 years. Their early appearance is susceptible to those whose skin is prone to dryness and at the same time does not get enough nutrition and moisturizing.

    At the initial stage, fortunately, will help the goodCosmetic products, but already deep enough folds are able to adjust only salon procedures: bioarmination is a procedure that creates with the help of gel a skeleton under the skin, biorevitalization and fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

  2. Nasolabial folds

  3. Circles and bruises under the eyes
    The skin of the eyes is subjected to a tremendous load ofThe reason that it is too thin and tender, and also lacks a greasy secret. You laugh, cry, squint from the sun, make faces ... all this is not the best way to affect the condition of the skin around the eyes.

    Add to this irregular sleep, alcoholic libations on holidays, overexertion of the eyes when working with a computer, and you will get noticeable shadows on the eyelids without the help of decorative cosmetics.

    Experts recommend fighting with bruisesMeans that strengthen the vascular network and stimulate blood circulation in the skin, but bags and swelling will remove products that promote lymphatic drainage: funds with caffeine, extracts of blueberries, plantain, arnica.

    Refresh the skin with tea compresses and rub with ice cubes. In the salon you will be offered such procedures as thermage, fractal, peeling and mesotherapy.

  4. Circles under the eyes

  5. face oval
    A clear, tightened oval face - a synonym for youth. The manifestation of this sign of skin aging depends on many factors: the presence of harmful habits in a woman, overweight, heredity, violation of posture.

    Already by the age of 30 some ladies can seeA slight sagging of the skin in the jaw and chin, and to 80 facial contours swim in 80% of women. For ladies who often drink alcohol, the person loses form much faster!

    As a prophylaxis daily performGymnastics for the face, once a week do massage. Cosmetologists are advised to begin the procedures of myostimulation and microcurrents already from 25-30 years. Well, if the matter is very bad, the funds are used for the splitting of fat, reinforcement, reinforcement with threads.

  6. Floated face

  7. neck
    Most girls do not pay their attention to the neck in time. When the problem has already declared itself, it becomes much more difficult to fight it.

    The most important thing in the care of the skin of the neck -Control your posture! Sleep on a small elastic cushion that repeats the contours of the neck, or on an anatomic cushion. Already from the age of 25 begin to make regular peelings and masks for the skin of the neck. Cosmetic procedures: lifting, fractal, light fillers, plasmolifting.

  8. Neck with wrinkles

  9. arms
    Hands - a business card of a woman! Tireless toilers, women's hands are most often exposed to harmful mechanical and chemical effects. Wear rubber gloves when you wash dishes, do cleaning, work in the garden. Regularly do oily wraps, masks, use creams. Take care of the skin of the hands from an early age!
  10. arms

  11. excess weight
    Excess weight by itself adds age, littleMoreover, it provokes the appearance of other accompanying phenomena of skin aging. It is very important to reduce weight correctly, without sharp jumps. Then the process of losing weight will pass without damage to the skin and body. During this period, take care of the skin more carefully, maintaining a sufficient level of moisture.
  12. excess weight

Whatever measures you take in the fight against agingRemember that a tired look and lack of a smile age a woman much more than goose paws at the eyes. Live in harmony with yourself, catch an enthusiastic glance!