/ How to glue a broken nail

How to glue a broken nail

Frankly, such a trifle as Broken nail, Can seriously knock out of balance and spoil the mood of any girl. It is very insulting when all efforts to decorate the nails go wrong and you have to cut your nails short.

An ordinary tea bag can reanimate a broken nail and return an excellent mood!

Broken nail

How to glue a broken nail

All you need for work is manicure scissors, glue for nails, tweezers, nail file and nail polish!

  1. Cut a small piece of unused tea bag. Try on if it's suitable for a broken nail.
  2. Apply glue on the nail, apply a scrap of prepared paper on top with a pair of tweezers. Look carefully, if the damage is completely covered with a patch.
  3. In an hour, when the glue dries, you can To coat a nail with a varnish.

as To save a broken nail, You can look at the video:

As you see, special skills in order to glue a nail, is not required. The main thing in this business is to remain calm!