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Caring for the New Year's Eve

What could be better new Year? Right is the preparation for this wonderfulHoliday. Even words can not convey that joyful feeling when the whole family is going to dress up a forest beauty! And its beauty you want to admire at least a whole year ...

Yes, many condemn deforestation and give preference to artificial Christmas trees. "so simple!" Respects the opinion of everyone, but today he will share his advice with those who do not imagine a festive season without the aroma of pine needles at home. So, you've already bought a tree ... what to do to Live spruce Stayed longer and did not shower?

Caring for a Christmas tree

Christmas tree

  1. Probably bought a spruce now you have on the balcony. When you bring it into the room, do not turn it right away. The Christmas tree needs a little warmth, otherwise you will soon have to remove the crumbling needles.
  2. When the herringbone is warm, cleanse its trunk from the bark by about 10 cm from below: it will be easier for the felled tree to absorb water. Then beat the spruce with a jet of warm water.
  3. Do not install a festive tree near the heating appliances. Fir-tree and so hard! As an option, wrap the barrel with a damp cloth, which from time to time moisten with water.
  4. When you decide where to put the tree, you canTo proceed to the most important thing. Fix the spruce in the cross, on the stand or in some other way. This is perhaps the simplest, though least effective way to prolong the life of the New Year's beauty.
  5. Also the tree can be put in a container of water. Please note that during installation, the water must be hot! Add to it 1/2 tsp. Citric acid or vinegar. Acidic environment is easily replaced by dissolving a tablet of aspirin in water. Further fix the tree trunk with water filled plastic bottles inserted into the bucket around the trunk.
  6. The best way to keep the freshness of fir -Install it in a bucket with clean wet sand. Pre-dissolved in water an aspirin tablet, a pinch of salt and a spoonful of sugar and pour the resulting solution into the sand.

    In the wet sand the tree should be placed in such a way that it covers the lower part of the trunk not less than 20 cm. Do not forget to water the tree every day.

  7. It is advisable to sprinkle sprigs of water every day with water, but before that, turn off the garland from the outlet!
  8. Also be careful with Christmas ornaments: choose not too bulky and evenly hang them on the tree, trying not to burdensome one side.

Do not like artificial Christmas trees, but cut aliveTo put somehow it is a pity? Then make a small Christmas tree out of the branches of a tree. In the forest they are full! Buy a felled spruce or not - everyone's business, but if you really bought, then follow the recommendations to Extend the life of the green beauty And keep the festive atmosphere in the house much longer.

And your friends will benefit from such advice ...