/ How to Cook Steak

How to cook steak

beef - one of the most useful types of meat. It has a lot of proteins, vitamins and minerals, so it should be in everyone's diet, especially those who watch their food.

And what dish of beef can be better than juicy and flavored steak? "so simple!" Has prepared for you some tips for preparing the perfect beef steak, which is simply not a sin to take advantage of.

How to cook steak

  1. Special attention should be paid to meat. Buying a beef for a steak, put your finger on the surface of the meat. If there is a hollow on it, it means that the meat is tender enough and is suitable for cooking a steak.
  2. If you are going to use frozen meat, unfreeze it according to all the rules: leaving it in the fridge for a night at a low temperature.
  3. Never forget that fresh meat is cooked in a frying pan a little faster than thawed.
  4. So that excess moisture does not interfere, dry the meat before a hot paper towel.
  5. Meat should only be placed on a well-heated grill or frying pan.
  6. To prepare a delicious steak, you need to remember the time and degree of roasting the meat.
  7. beef steak

  8. It is impossible to check the readiness by piercing the meat with a knife or fork. It is better to do this by pressing on the steak.
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  10. Do not immediately put a steak on the table with a frying pan. Let him stand a little.
  11. Salt and pepper add only at the end of frying.
  12. The ideal side dish for the steak will be fresh vegetables or steamed.

These tips will help you to keep all the useful substances in the meat and make the beef steak very tasty. Tell your friends about these tips!