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Diseases of the nails

Imagine, one fine morning you wake upAnd you see that something is wrong with your hands, or, more accurately, your nails have been horrible ... the nails have become colorless or the mounds have appeared on them, or maybe they have completely disappeared!

Nails can tell about that period of your life,When the cells of the nail plate were formed. Some changes in it are harmless and arise because of an infection that has got into the body. On the other hand, deterioration in texture and color may indicate life-threatening illnesses, such as respiratory diseases, AIDS, and even specific types of cancer.

Diseases of nails

  1. Lines bo - manifested in the form of waves on the nails. Such lines indicate changes in the body: negative reactions to certain drugs, as well as metabolic disorders or infections.

    Nails on hands grow at a rate of about 0.1 mm per day, on the legs a little slower - 0.03 mm per day. Accordingly, it is possible to determine the approximate time of appearance of the lines and to assume their causes.

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  3. Nails with pits and hollows indicate inflammatory processes in the body. Deepening in the nail plates are the first signal about the development of diseases, for example, such as Psoriasis and eczema.
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  5. Blue nails are likely to indicateProblems of the cardiovascular system. Under the influence of cold blood circulation under the nails is significantly slowed down. But if the cold was insignificant, and the marigolds have already changed color - it is necessary to see a doctor.
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  7. The yellow color of nails is a consequence of exposure to dangerous pathogenic fungi - dermatophytes. This kind of microorganisms provokes a fungal lesion of the nail plate. Uncomplicated Fungal nail diseases Treated with ointments and special solutions. Do not delay with treatment!
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  9. Longitudinal dark lines on the nails do not appearFrom blows or bruises of the plate, for this phenomenon there is a scientific name - melanonichia striped. A specific pigment melatonin is deposited under the nail plate, giving the nails a brown or even black color.
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In any case, even if you notice these symptoms, do not panic! Perhaps, the reason is quite different, but it is worthwhile to see a doctor.